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Rudi’s Choice of 5 amazing ways to use marble in your home

It’s no secret that marble is a huge trend in decor right now! It’s everywhere, from accessories and homeware to kitchenware and furniture.

This natural stone is synonymous with being a material of the antiquated and wealthy, adorning luxurious homes and ancient spaces. However, this recent comeback has seen marvellous marble on the hit list of trendy industrial design enthusiasts and has found a new place in modern design. Rudi’s Choice provides expert, hand-selected collections of the best contemporary granite, onyx and marble from around the world. Rudi Eggers’s extensive experience and expertise ensure that you get the best quality and value-for-money possible.

Take a look at their nifty advice on using marble in your interiors:

1. Dramatic Splashbacks With improvements in industrial adhesives’ strength, it’s now possible to apply large slabs of natural stone to create wall cladding that isn’t broken up by the traditional, small tile formats of the past. The contrast of the bold, busy, dark grey veining in this single-slab, marble splashback is magnificent juxtaposed with the consistent colour of the engineered quartz kitchen countertops and the stained timber kitchen cabinets. We love how this designer made a feature out of an area of the kitchen that we usually consider part of the background.

2. Striking Bath Cladding The reason this is a jaw-dropping bath cladding installation is that the Carrara marble has been tastefully applied – and with restraint. Many designers have made the mistake of cladding a bathroom from floor to walls – or even ceiling – in the same natural stone product with such busy patterning, one is temporarily disoriented just walking into the room! By using a limited amount of marble in the design, this bath is now the feature of the space, instead of part of an overwhelming ‘themed’ bathroom design.

3. Antique Shower or Bath We love this modern take on an old-school shower and bathroom vanity! Instead of glass shower partitions, why not try marble? The designer of this space has cleverly matched the shower with the bathroom vanity surface, using antique-style light fittings, tap fittings and an antique, French mirror to complete the look.

4. Marble Home Accessories We have good news for you: you don’t need to be renovating or building to include marble in your home! The marble trend can be expressed through signature accessories like this beautiful display piece, a chopping board, vase or even a marble cheese board. The bottom line: find a way to include marble in your home this year!

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