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Mar 4, 2019

Playful, Interactive Bathrooms For Kids From Bathroom Butler

As the dust settles post the ‘Back to School’ madness and children settle into their first term, the ‘disremembered’ task of homework comes flooding back to memory to a reaction not dissimilar to the dental appointment reminder. For Foundation Phase parents specifically, this will look like maths bonds, spelling words and flash cards and many, many hours of inarticulate reading.

LIQUIDRed share some fun ideas to help make your bathroom not only child-friendly, but a great learning environment too:

With any bathroom, it’ obviously super important to make sure that you use quality, robust products like LIQUIDRed’s range of bathroom accessories and tapware, but this doesn’t mean that you need to stick to Chrome finish only. If you’d like to place coloured bathroom accessories – then go for it – here are some fun ideas to use:

Another way to create an interactive, fun bathroom space and bring in colour is by painting or sticking (waterproofed of course) wall murals. What child doesn’t want to feel like they’re under the sea or in the middle of the jungle during bath time?

When it comes to using the bathroom as a learning environment, some ideas to help those Foundation Phase concepts stick are to do things like:

  • Image result for pool noodle spelling. Image result for bath crayons spelling Writing difficult spelling words on the bathroom mirror.
  • Leaving a sharpie or marker pen next to a large mirror for your little ones to practice whilst brushing their teeth.
  • Placing laminated maths timetables and bond charts in the bathroom in an area that will often be in direct line of sight.
  • Using bath crayons for maths or spelling quizzes
  • Making a sponge clock for children to practice placing the small and big hand.
  • Using a pool noodle to teach phonics.

To find out where to purchase LIQUIDRed bathroom accessories and tapware as you’re planning your children’s bathroom makeover, visit them here online .

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