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Jan 30, 2018

Optimise Space in a Small Bathroom with Bella Bathrooms

Small bathrooms no longer have to be neglected. There are so many great ideas for maximising your space and creating a stylish retreat – no matter the size! Bella Bathrooms share some top tips for creating a designer bathroom in a small space!

Porcelain freestanding bath in designed white bathroom

Achieve a striking look for a small bathroom, by using an oval contoured standalone bath, with its water spout embedded in the wall, optimising the space constraints of the bath area. Using a white shade om the walls gives a refreshing feeling while visually opening up the space. An angular tap adds character to the room.

Using a wall mounted basin frees up floor space, while a large mirror creates a 3-D effect, again visually expanding the room. Further optimise space using a heated towel rail, introducing a touch of luxury. Remember, heated towel rails are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. As these are mounted on the walls, this also frees up floor and storage space for other bathroom essentials.

We also love a modern wood-look floor finish in the bathroom which can be achieved with a Ceramic Glazed wood grain tile or Porcelain cream wood-look, providing a contrasting backdrop which highlights the bath ware while giving the room a warm atmosphere. Give your bathroom the illusion of added space with careful styling and strategic placing of all the sanitaryware and furniture.

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