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Numatic: Tips To Deep Clean Your Bathroom With Ease

Cleaning the bathroom is no easy feat. It can be a messy business as you try to sterilize the space and ensure the hygiene of your entire family. There are a number of things you should not overlook in the bathroom. Here we share a few top tips for deep cleaning this room with ease!

Today modern bathrooms are more than a functional space. These rooms are becoming more elevated in style with trendy finishes and superior sanitaryware to add contemporary flair to your home. For many, the bathroom can easily become a showstopper in your home. Keeping it clean is one way to ensure that this room remains on trend and in impeccable condition.

  1. Don’t overlook the toilet

A breeding ground for bacteria, the toilet needs to be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis to avoid the spread of germs. Invest in good quality cleaning products, gloves and even toilet wipes to help to sterilze the toilet and keep things clean here. Wash down the entire toilet (not just the inside bowl) as to remove germs that may be lurking around the seat and in the awkward crevices around the outside of the bowl. Lift the lid and be sure to disinfect the seat and rim frequently to ensure a safer, cleaner toilet at all times.

2. Disinfect your toilet brush

If using a toilet brush, be sure to keep it clean and dry before storing it again. Wet, nasty toilet brushes are no good and will keep germs lingering for longer. Add some detergent or bleach to your toilet brush after using and rinse thoroughly to kill any bacteria.

3. Clean hidden grout and tiles

Avoid scum build up around the shower and bathtub by deep cleaning your tiles and grout. Let the hot water steam up your shower and then use a scrubbing brush and detergent to scrub off any soap scum. You could also create a little spritzer disinfectant spray for the shower and grout areas with added lemon to kill any nasty bathroom odours. Wipe dry with a cloth and be sure to keep things clean and crisp at all times.

Cleaning is an essential activity each day, every day, week in week out, 365 days of the year, every home, every commercial enterprise or industrial location cleans or is cleaned!

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