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Bathroom renovation is a great way to improve the ambiance and functionality of your wash up area. The bathroom is where you wash off the grime after a weary day and do other ablutions, so you are guaranteed to enter this room many times in a day. Unfortunately, it is often taken for granted by many and left to look shabby. However, people are now coming to terms with how important it is to have a beautiful bathroom, and hence there are a lot of renovations going on.

Renovating any room in the home is not an easy task, and bathroom renovation is no exception. Although it’s easy to neglect the importance of a bathroom, you will be surprised just how much work goes into putting one together. You have to deal with electrics and plumbing as well as work hard to inject some ambiance into the room. All these efforts will cost you time and money; but if you take your time, the results will be worth it.

Things that will make remodeling your bathroom easier If you don’t want to increase costs and exert effort unnecessarily when remodeling your bathroom, there are some things you will have to take into consideration.

  1. Choose the right workers

Have you heard of people who skimp on labor costs and end up flooding their homes? Well, if you don’t want to be such a statistic then you must choose the best labor you can find for your bathroom renovation project. You may think you are a DIY expert, but its best to leave sensitive areas of the renovations such as the electrical connections, and the plumbing to experts. You may end up with a great looking bathroom, but if the plumbing is terrible and the electrical connections are faulty, then you will end up wasting money for nothing. So get the experts to do this vital part of the renovation for you please.

  1. Get a good designer

Any project you work on that doesn’t have a good plan will end up being a failure. Before you bring the workers in, you should have an idea of how you want the bathroom to look. Many people rely on their imagination or consult the workers on how to do things as they go along. Others just pick pictures online that they like and choose to renovate their bathrooms to look the same. Well, if it were easy to renovate our homes to look like those in magazines and the internet without designs and plans then renovations would be a piece of cake. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy because all remodeling projects require expert drawings and sketches. A good designer will tell you that all homes are not the same. Hence, one design or plan that looks good in another home or magazine may not work well in yours. It’s vital that you consult a certified designer before you start renovating your bathroom to help you choose the right design and plan for your home.

  1. Keep the good stuff

Listen, just because you want a change doesn’t mean you have to throw everything out. You will find that there are some fixtures or parts of your bathroom that you can keep to cut down on costs. For example, if the plumbing is good and works well with your new design – why chuck it out for an entirely new one? Also, things like the bathtub or shower partitions or even taps can stay if they will blend well with your remodeling plans. So, before you uproot everything, find out what you can keep for your new bathroom as it will help you cut down on time and money.

Stefano Cavazzana – Oblon Collection for Novello
  1. Consult the authorities where necessary

If you choose to extend the bathroom, make sure you have permission from the right authorities. Many people do not know this, but building extensions on an existing home requires a permit from local authorities in some cities. Also, interfering with some connections or installing new ones such as sewage systems may also require official licenses. Make sure that you follow all legal avenues when doing your renovations to avoid falling on the wrong side of the law.

  1. Focus on functionality and safety

Of course, you want to create a beautiful bathroom, but don’t forget to make sure it’s comfortable and functional for you and other members of the household. So, even as you think about the aesthetics, ensure that at the end of it all it will be easier for people to use it and also much more welcoming and relaxing. Many people tend to focus on the aesthetics such as color schemes and end up forgetting about efficiency. To make sure that the functionality of your bathroom improves consider upgrading the sink area, the storage space, the showering and bathing space and include safety features. There a number of things you can do to improve the functionality and safety of your bathroom.

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– Work on the sinks When it comes to sinks, if your previous ones were too small, consider installing bigger ones. Also, if you only had one sink before, it will be a good idea to install another one so that two people can be at the sink area at the same time.

Partition the room You can also enlarge the shower stall if it was too small and separate it from the bathtub area. In this way, two people can wash at the same time. The toilet can also be shut off in a separate cubicle for privacy and also to enhance the functionality of the room.

– Include safety features Safety is an important consideration as a lot of accidents happen in bathrooms that can be avoided. Ensure that you put in safety measures for electronics, include anti-slip material on the floors and any other safety measure you can think of to keep unnecessary accidents from occurring in your bathroom.

– Install energy and water saving gadgets You will also do well to install energy and water saving devices in the bathroom. It starts from the method of heating you choose for the water as well as the taps you use. You will find lots of fixtures and gadgets that will allow you to save water and energy in the bathroom that you can install during the renovation.

  1. Make your bathroom beautiful

It’s important that your bathroom is aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to aesthetics, you will find it easy to work with a theme. It’s always best to choose calm and relaxing colors for the bathroom. When you have a theme in mind, it will be easy to select tile colors, shower curtains, paint or stains for the cabinet and other things that complete the design of a bathroom. In this case, you will find lots of inspiration online or in design stores.

The renovation of any room in the home is not easy. However, by following these guidelines and tips, you will avoid many of the mistakes that lead to shoddy or ugly work. After all, you spend quite a lot of time in the bathroom so you should make it as beautiful, comfortable and functional as possible.

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