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Jul 25, 2019

Lixil Africa Presents The Global Trends From KBC 2019

Hiroyuki Kuraya, head of New Product Development & Sourcing at LIXIL Africa, recently visited Kitchen Bath China, Asia’s leading kitchen and bathroom trade show hosted in Shanghai China.

While there he picked up on some of the key global trends…

Kitchen Trends

  1. Sleek mixers. There is a move towards a more minimalist, clean and slim design in kitchen mixers. This has been made possible as Cartridge sizes have been reduced from 35mm to 25mm. This change is a significant one technologically but without compromising on the end users experience.
  2. Innovations. There were many innovations to the Kitchen mixer including an increased prevalence of flexible, pull-out spouts, various spray options, and most importantly, adjustable spout heights.
  3. The Ozone water tap. This tap includes an ozone generator which is installed under the kitchen counter and transfers ozone to your water. Ozone water has high sterilizing and deodorizing performance which is  safe and skin friendly, as ozone is just added oxygen. The Ozone tap is perfect for the kitchen and those who enjoy cooking as it removes the smell of garlic, fish and other strong-smelling foods from your hands; often an inconvenience when preparing certain dishes. This is most popular in Japan amongst oyster farmers, as they use the ozone water to clean and kill any harmful bacteria that may be affecting the oysters.
  4. 3 in 1 or 4 in 1. Also very popular in the kitchen is the option of a 3 in 1 or 4 in 1 mixer, which includes a regular water filter, as well as a sparkling and boiling water dispenser depending on your personal preference. GROHE currently has this 3 in 1 option available as part of the GROHE Blue portfolio.

Bathroom Trends

  1. Compact designs. As a result of smaller living spaces, especially in the European market, there is a requirement for more compact and minimalist designs in the bathroom. Smaller cistern options, including a plastic offering, are currently on the increase, assisting home owners and professionals to maintain a smart and clean look.
  2. Flexible materials. From a sanitary ware perspective, manufacturers are experimenting and using much thinner ceramic and more flexible materials that can be easily manipulated through technology, allowing for more modern, creative and unique designs.
  3. Variety of colours. The popularity of tap colours and finishes continue to grow, with options such as wood finish handles which bring a more natural feel to the bathroom. Warmer tones are also currently a popular trend, although black is still leading the way, with its bold effect evoking an indulgent, superior experience.
  4. Matt grey mixers. This is another popular trend and once again going back to the slimmer design with plating in various colour options.
  5. Low pressure options. Due to an increase in water pressure limitations, more low pressure water delivery options are now available. Low pressure showers are a good option for high raised buildings such as hotels, ensuring the pressure remains low while retaining a positive experience
  6. Seamless built-in counter top basins. These are very popular in the European market. We are expecting to see this having an impact in South African designs over the next few years. From a global toilet perspective, the shower toilet option is growing in popularity yearly, with Japan leading the way, followed by Asia, China, South East Asia and finally the United States of America. Again this concept is still to be adopted by South Africans. One of the most popular options is the GROHE Sensia® Arena, which features smart technology and personalisation, whilst defining a new level of hygiene.

“The exhibition was inspirational and informative”, said Kuraya, “allowing us be aware of and remain relevant with regards to upcoming global trends. At LIXIL Africa, we will be working hard over the coming months to deliver on our promise of innovation and design.”

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