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Oct 31, 2018

LIQUIDred: Playing with Colour

Despite the pressures associated with the current economic and political climate, it is still Spring and as a nation often associated with beautiful, happy people, LIQUIDRed shares some interesting insights around a colour palette dedicated to the wordPLAY for your bathroom.

The palette is focussed on enjoyment and includes colours best associated with inspiring these types of sentiments – joy, happiness, fun. Using playful attitudes in design means being more outgoing and bolder with colour choices.


Take the colour yellow for example – it is associated with cheer, and good humour, it also brightens up the room, taking it from boring and bland to interior design heaven. If it seems like too much of a risk, try the colour on a feature wall, like the bathroom featured here by LIQUIDRed. To break up the monotony of using the same colour throughout the space, they have also opted for a patterned wall paper with hues of yellow, blue and grey. The decor truly pops, when adding a few contrasting elements, such as Matt Black bathroom accessories and dark grey tiles with Polished Rose Gold tapware in the shower.


Purple is another adventurous colour choice for the bathroom. Like the next bathroom featured by LIQUIDRed, you can enhance the look of a small bathroom with lilac tones, bronze accents and some nature inspired elements. This purple bathroom adds character to the entire home, it is full of energy and makes a statement as a memorable space with large personality and design.

Another way to bring in bold, fun colours in the bathroom without having to do a full bathroom renovation is through the décor items and accessories. LIQUIDRed has a great variety of bathroom accessories in different finishes from Chrome to Matt Black which adds in a truly wonderful opportunity to ‘play’ with and mix elements together.

Their SolaceValour and Plus tapware ranges offer colour finishes such as Matt Black and Polished Rose Gold, which can be an option to add in your bathroom while using Bachelor Button coloured bathmats, mixing Wild Orchid and Daybreak towels, choosing Mandarin Red storage jars and installing a Solar Power vinyl as a focal point are just some ways to uplift your bathroom space into an imaginative and colourful playground.

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