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Jul 12, 2019

Linken Designs: How to Create A Luxurious Exotic Bathroom

Bathroom innovations and trends often come and go, but in the end you need to create a functional and stylish space that will be used (and loved) by the entire family. Linken Designs offer insight into adding some luxury into the bathroom. Here they share two exotic bathroom ideas to inspire.

In these two bathrooms (featured below) Linken Designs have explored the use of cladding to create both a cold and warm feeling, yet still with an element of modern luxury interiors.

Warm Master Bathroom:

This bathroom (below) is a wonderfully refreshing space and the best trait is most probably the amount of space it offers and the large windows which flood it with natural light. The result is a feeling of luxury and exotic charm.

A walk in shower is available on your left as you enter the bathroom with a lovely mirror facing you and double vanity that has turquoise toned drawers, which pop against the raw marble cladding.

The pot plant and wooden floor mats continue with an exotic touch and leads you to the other side of the bathroom where the marble cladding draws your attention towards that luxurious antique bath tub. This feature balances the exotic with the elegant nature of this charming bathroom. Marble floor tiles act as a perfect foundation to the warm master bathroom.

White bathroom:

In order to create a different dimension in this space, white wall tiles were used for cladding which also gives an elegant light reflection with the wave patterned tiles. White carrara tiles continues the elegance of this bathoom which then meets the stone cladding which frames the bath tub perfectly while acting as a focal point.

Floating shelves with the clever use of colour and natural wood add space for all your towels and bathroom accessories along with an earthy touch which incorporates
bathroom pot plants.

The large blinds ensure full control of the amount of light one decides to come through the space and having LED lights behind the mirror gently accents the wash basin area which again gives room for a floating cabinet with natural wood and baby blue colour.

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