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Lalegno: 10 reasons why wooden flooring is perfect in the bathroom

A wooden floor in a bathroom!? The idea might seem contradictory, but it is possible. Whether your bathroom is luxurious and contemporary or small and functional, wooden floors can make your home bathroom look and feel magnificent.

In order to keep your floor looking at its best, it is very important to choose the right floor and above all, handle it with care. This is why wooden floors are not always appropriate in hotel rooms or in rental properties. Not every hotel guest or tenant will treat a wooden floor with the same care. Follow the guidance of the experts from Lalegno. Here they share some valuable tips to choosing the perfect wooden floor for your bathroom. 1. Engineered Wood Go for a Lalegno engineered wooden floor. Its specific construction makes it more resistant to moisture and therefore more stable than solid wooden flooring.

2. Expert installation Always choose professional installation, no matter how tempting a DIY job may seem! A professional will ensure the longevity of your floors and proper installation will further ensure that your flooring does not trap water underneath it. The correct glue should be applied between the tongue and groove of the floor boards to ensure that your floor is water tight. If your chosen floor has a click system, it is best to use a special sealing kit. Glue the floor boards to the subfloor but take care to have a wide expansion gap around the room of 11 mm. It is important to seal the expansion gap with a waterproof sealant.

3. Moisture resistance Choose wood with a high moisture resistance. The following variations are great for use in a wet environment, including oak, teak, wengé, merbau, and bamboo. All of these variations fall within sustainability classes 1 to 3.

4. Consider the surface In a bathroom it is better to use a smooth or slightly brushed floor. Highly structured woods like deeply cut Barn floors are very beautiful but less suitable in a bathroom. Soap and water can easily get stuck in the grooves and may eventually cause stains or even damage. 5. Unbevelled floorboards Choose unbevelled floorboards or floors with a small micro bevel in order to avoid stagnant water in the joints

6. Avoid splashes Steer clear of water battles on a wooden floor. If you have small children, consider covering the floor closest to the tub or the shower cubicle with a water resistant bath mat. Alternatively, you could combine your wooden floor with another material such as a ceramic tile. In this way, a walk in shower can be stylishly integrated, adjacent to your wooden floor.

7. Protective coatings Always apply a protective coating on your wooden floor. Chimiver comes highly recommended – this is a water-based polyurethane lacquer. There are two finishes offered – either medium or low sheen. This varnish will help to protect your floor against water. Floorboards with an oil finish are best sealed off with a hard wax oil immediately after installation. This treatment is best repeated from time to time for long-lasting protection. Coming soon, Lalegno will also be offering a UV-oil finish for wooden floors. 8. Ventilation A good mechanical ventilation system is indispensable in a bathroom. Not only does it remove odours, it also prevents condensation, which is of course very important for your wooden floor. Opening a window after showering also helps, of course.

9. Remove wet towels Make sure to always remove water splashes immediately and never to leave wet towels or bath mats lying around on the floor.

10. Add warmth Remember that sanitary appliances may sometimes appear cold. A real wooden floor will bring the required warm atmosphere in your bathroom.

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