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Jan 24, 2019

Kohler’s Real Rain Showerheads Rival Nature

Trust KOHLER to successfully mimic the rain. This globally celebrated brand sets itself apart with cutting edge technology and exemplary design that is at the forefront of the bathroom and kitchen manufacture industry; and now they’re releasing a shower system that rivals nature itself.

Due to KOHLER’S scientific approach, Real Rain bears impressive similarity to nature with different droplet sizes, different drop rates and random formations that are as natural as rain is non-uniform.

Reminiscent of the way summer rain feels on your skin, Real Rain’s large square panel is broad enough to envelop you in water thanks to an impressive 775 nozzles that release droplets via gravity, rather than pressure. Accounting for the different kinds of rainfall we experience, Real Rain has two unique functions.

While the Rainfall function offers you a gentle and deeply relaxing shower that uses just 7.6 liters of water per minute, Deluge will drench you with a heavy fall of water (1.9 liters) for 8 reviving seconds, washing away soap and leaving you feeling energized.

When it comes to customization, the Real Rain overhead panel comes in different colours and trim finishes. In addition to this, you can opt for traditional manual controls or automate your experience with unique user settings and digitally paired water, steam and sound for a tech savvy shower experience.

To learn more about Kohler’s products in Africa, visit www.africa.kohler.com to find out more.

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