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Kohler: The Derring Collection

At Kohler, they understand that your sink isn’t merely a sink. It’s part of your story—one of the objects in the home you’ve chosen, in the life you’ve thoughtfully curated. Artist Editions® Derring™ sinks marry the artistry and craftsmanship of a small studio with the manufacturing know-how of a global company, creating beautifully handcrafted pieces, each designed to help tell the story of you.

The Kohler exclusive Artist Editions bathroom basins are crafted from natural materials using methods that have been passed down for generations. Honouring the inherent beauty of the materials, Kohler designers and artisans create one-of-a-kind works of art for the home. Inspired by the distinct techniques and materials used by studio potters around the world, the glazes on Derring sinks are comprised of a unique combination of mineral elements resulting in fascinating surface effects.

The elements used in the Bourbon Rutile glaze are rarely used in industrialized applications due to their sometimes unpredictable nature. By mastering the control of this glaze, the close-knit team of designers and artisans at the Kohler pottery brought artisan beauty to the bathroom. Timeless, beautiful and unique to Kohler, the combination of glaze and pattern brings a palette of neutral tones to life, adding dimension and depth to the bathroom. From mixing raw materials to applying the glaze to firing each piece in the kiln, every step in the production process requires the utmost care and attention. Designed and produced in Kohler, the ceramic sink is cast, meticulously glazed and fired in the pottery resulting in diverse colour transitions.

The natural variations, characteristic of artisan glazes, make each sink a true individual, one-of-a-kind piece for you to add to your home. Each sink is thoroughly inspected to pass strict quality checks. Rich and diverse, the Derring colours are the ideal complement for a variety of fixture colours and faucet finishes. Available in three shapes and sizes, these sinks accommodate a wide range of vanity and bathroom sizes. No matter your taste, traditional, eclectic or modern, Derring can express your personal style. For more visit Kohler.

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