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Apr 26, 2019

Jeeves gives the taste of exclusivity with the LUNGO Heated Towel Rail

Jeeves announces the latest addition to the brand’s Exclusive Range:  the Lungo Heated Towel Rail.  Known for captivating, innovative designs, this latest creation from Jeeves brings a commanding presence to the bathroom, enthralling the beholder with an incomparable, statuesque elegance.

Master craftsmanship

Stretching to a magnificent, awe-inspiring 1670mm, the Lungo shows off the Jeeves craftsmanship, juxtaposing a record length in the heated towel rail manufacturer’s offering with a cheeky, slender width of 400mm.  The result is a yin-yang effect, creating a symbiotic interplay between these two interconnected size polarities, bringing a breathtaking harmonious impact to the room.



No stranger to creating customized options, Jeeves has given the Lungo an exclusive edge by  making the heated towel rail available from a single source, Italtile.  Using the Italian influence as inspiration, the heated towel rail incorporates the Italian word “Lungo,” meaning long, infusing the design with a continental flair combined with the Jeeves penchant for understated, minimalist sophistication.


Design Elegance

The Lungo is available in a choice of 6 different finishes, enabling seamless integration into the bathroom space.

The matte black option reinforces the yin-yang silhouette, where short horizontal lines meet long tapering vertical length, defining the contours with a bold look.  As an ideal accompaniment to stainless steel, chrome or brass elements, the white finish brings a look that can either bring additional subtlety or serve as a striking contrast to a differently coloured wall.

Antique rose gold brings a cozy warmth while the yellow gold finish brings an unmistakable upbeat ambiance reminiscent of a dazzling field of flowers. Drawing attention to the design, the mirror polished option reflects the light in the room, while the matte brushed look speaks of a soft sophistication, bringing a serene ambiance to the bathroom experience.


Simplicity meets impact

The Lungo combines simplicity with a sumptuous appeal.  Adding an uncluttered look with its straight elongated tubular frame, the Lungo has an expansive captivating presence, creating a visual impact which is set to turn heads.

The result is a cutting-edge design which plays at the edge of the minimalist aesthetic, retaining an essential design simplicity which brings an ordered elegance to the bathroom space, while providing the luxurious gift of warmed up, dry towels.


Centre Stage

The undeniable appeal of this heated towel rail is in the Lungo’s effortless capacity to create a main focal point in the room.  As a feature with design simplicity and compact style, this slender rail simply attracts attention with its majestic air as a charismatic centre of interest.


  • Height 1670mm x Width 400mm
  • Manufactured in South Africa from locally sourced 304 stainless steel
  • Energy efficient and fluid-filled for safety
  • Export quality
  • 25 year guarantee


Wrapping it up

Interweaving horizontal and vertical elements, this latest offering transforms the bathroom experience into a memorable breathing space.  This is where time becomes suspended, allowing you to delight in the perfection of toasty towels courtesy of a design set to leave an indelible impression – bringing an indisputable sense of exclusivity to the bathroom space.


Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you the new Jeeves Lungo Heated Towel Rail.

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