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Sep 18, 2019

Jeeves Brings Trendy Spring Colours To The Bathroom

From shimmering yellow gold, bold black and elegant white to sophisticated silver and eye-catching antique rose gold, the trendy spring colours from Jeeves Heated Towel Rails are set to reawaken your bathroom with the vibrant charm of this season of rebirth.

Inspired by cascading shades of sun-drenched blossoms with pockets of colour, the Jeeves’ selection can be used effectively to bring a joie de vivre to your bathroom experience.

A New Start

As trickles of sunlight give way to iridescent open skies, the mesmerising yellow gold finish from Jeeves is an ideal way to incorporate the dazzling sunlight which announces the return of warmer days. Taking this up with the yellow gold finish of the Jeeves Classic C with its majestic groups of bars or the innovative design of the spaciously appointed horizontal bars of the Quadro Six, provides ideal channels to flaunt this bright shade.  Now is the time to infuse your bathroom space with this dynamic vitality – a nod to this colour returning the vibrancy of life back into our daily experiences.

Jeeves Tangent M Polished Stainless

Coming full circle

Adding a delicate nuance of romance to the bathroom, the Jeeves antique rose finish adorns a heated towel rail with a rich, enchanting essence, while bringing an appealing sense of indulgence to the bathroom space.  This is epitomised in the Quadro P,  with 3 groups of 4 bars, where the antique rose finish creates a sumptuous effect, evocative of rich blossoms covering fields, drawing attention to the  yin-yang interplay of the edgy geometric frame and the soft curves of its inner bars, harmonized in a  breath-taking display of captivating colour.


Jeeves Spartan Nine.

Being bold

Black opens up a realm of enchanting possibilities.  Sleek and elegant, this colour highlights the  silhouette of a heated towel rail, creating a striking impact as a focal point in the room. Additionally, this deep shade provides an ideal platform to introduce pops of colour, acting as a versatile backdrop where other colour options can be presented.  Used strategically with a novel design such as the Jeeves Tangent L Ladder, the heated towel rail becomes the star of the show, commanding attention as it takes centre stage in the room.


Jeeves Spartan Nine.

A touch of ease

Crisp white brings a pervasive feeling of coolness.  Presenting an effortless simplicity associated with a minimalist look, white is a dynamic colour, bringing a feeling of spaciousness associated with the open air of spring.  Inherently chic, this colour brings an additional air of sophistication to the heated towel rail.  Used with the Spartan Nine, a trendy heated towel rail which combines simplicity with a lavish feel, this finish highlights the distinctive Jeeves craftsmanship of each design, fostering an ethereal effect to bring an envy-inducing tranquillity to the room.


Jeeves Spartan Nine.

Mirror images

Reflections of clear blue lakes which seem to go on forever are embodied by the mirror polished finish, ideal for threading chrome accessories throughout your bathroom.  Heralding an upbeat feel of new beginnings, the polished finish introduces a fresh sparkle to the room.

Available in all Jeeves Heated Towel rails, the polished finished looks especially glam in the Classic C, emphasising the groups of tubular bars and long frame.  The result is an eye-catching impact which makes a statement in your bathroom while providing the ongoing pampering of crispy, dry towels.

Jeeves Gold

Time to play

This neutral colour of the matt brushed finish brings a playfulness to the bathroom space, providing the perfect foil for dazzling displays of colour.  Whether you go for a pop of colour with the textured feel of soft towels or adding character with accessories such as vases, used together with the matt brushed finish creates a sleek luxurious feel tinged with a delightful enjoyment.  With the matt brushed effect, this heated towel rail brings a sense of optimism and buoyancy to the bathroom space.

The Tangent M comes to mind as an ideal heated towel rail to show off this finish, with its novel sweeping contour. Perfectly at home in a spa-like environment, the Tangent M provides a heated shelf for rolled up towels, complemented by groups of bars in the regular straight area, keeping you well supplied with warmed up towels.

Jeeves Quadro P Rose Gold

Wrap up

Spring is a time of renewal – a time of reinvention as budding flowers and soft rains start the cycle of new life once more. There is a brightness permeating our experience of every day which can be included in our décor through a sense of lightness and colour.

And with the extensive choice of Jeeves finishes, you can do just that – using your heated towel rail to spoil you and your family with a constant supply of dry towels while bringing a unique mood and experience to your bathroom pampering.

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