It’s Family First for Hansgrohe

There is probably little as terrifying as being a parent. Kids are rambunctious creatures, prone to exploration, curiosity and wonder. These are all traits which are regularly encouraged, but they also come with a disclaimer: keep two eyes on your child at all times. Why? Because accidents happen. Children get hurt.

Helping the Parents Out There

But in a stroke of genius, Hansgrohe has taken the liberty of removing one of those concerns from a parent’s daily list. Introducing the Croma® E and the Ecostat® E, the ultimate combination for the modern family. With innovative safety features, modern design and attractive pricing, these two together epitomise Hansgrohe’s crème-de-la-crème of innovative bathroom solutions – without jeopardising your showering experience.

No Harm, No Foul

Let’s talk about the Ecostat® E. This is an external thermostat mixer, built in state-of-the-art housing. What makes the Ecostat® E so incredible is that it features Hansgrohe’s Coolcontact – a new technology which prevents the housing from getting too hot. The result? You cannot burn your skin on the metal; an absolute must for a household with small kids with curious fingers!

On top of the Coolcontact, the mixer has Safetystop, a fancy feature which ensures that the water is not unexpectedly too hot when it comes out of the tap.


Design Conscious

The Croma® E is the shower itself, boasting the softcube shape that has become so popular with Hansgrohe clients recently. The rounded edges allow for a wider variety of décor options in the bathroom, as a perfect match for round and angular bathroom elements, blending in seamlessly.

With a switch-over function, you can change between the overhead and the hand-shower with ease, while the design allows you to move the shower vertically as well.

A Winning Combo

Together, the Croma® E and the Ecostat® E make up the perfect bathroom experience for any family, putting safety and practicality at the fore.

It’s the pinnacle of modern bathroom solutions.

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