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Oct 4, 2019

Italtile I Meet Cleanet Navia By Laufen

Laufen, always two steps beyond the edge of world design, has pushed back the frontiers of sanware design science and aesthetics once again, with possibly their most extra-sensory toilet yet. It’s the Cleanet Navia, and we can’t yet decide if it’s an example of artificial intelligence, or intelligent art. Certainly, it embodies 4IR thinking, and it’s without question the most beautifully functional, forward-thinking WC ever to be unpacked at Italtile.

It takes an over achiever to create a product that out-performs the rest.

Pete Wirz, one-time Olympic athlete and erstwhile mechanical engineer-turned industrial designer, is the ‘Ideasmith’ behind the Cleanet Navia. His design studio, Vetica, has this creed: “design of the human touch”. He said of the Navia design process: “Our dream of perfection lies in the harmony of form, which is always closely linked to simplicity”.

Prepare to shift your loo-time paradigm.

Need to spend a penny? There’s an App for that! There’s an App to simplify everything in your life. The Navia’s no different. Although it’s deceptively simple, with a timeless body design and pretty standard dimensions… that’s where ‘standard’ ends.

There’s an incredible amount of tech built in and integrated beneath the completely closed ceramic body. It’s a system that speaks to an App on your phone, allowing you to adjust functions in order to customise your experience. (Wait, what?) Set your user profile, then adjust your optimum water temperature, shower pressure, and all the other functions that make a bathroom break more beautiful.

Hygiene, simplified.

A shower function is activated with a rotary button, or the Navia App, and it’s so easy to use, you’ll literally get your bearings after the first trial run… and this isn’t the only function you can control either manually or remotely.

Gentle yet effective shower jet.

The Navia cleans efficiently, quickly, gently and comfortably, thanks to a full water jet that uses up to 3.5 litres. (Oscillating mode included!) The parts are rinsed thoroughly pre and post use, and are also easily replaceable.

Cleanet by name. Cleanet by nature.

The Navia might be high-powered, but it’s not afraid of doing the dirty work, including an integrated descaling programme, which helps extend the life of your superloo. Its rimless design and LCC refinement of the ceramic surfaces are also easy-to-clean; germs have no place to hide.

An LED loo light.

A discreet light on the underside of the body informs you when the integral descaling programme should be activated.

Easy e-seat.

The Navia thinks of everything. Literally. It makes sure you’re sitting pretty, with a sturdy mechanism that gently lowers and opens the seat and cover for you. The seat is also easy to remove for easy cleaning.

A ‘hush function’ for the terminally discreet.

Sound insulation comes standard, to reduce the noise from usage and functions being transmitted through the wall into neighbouring rooms. In fact, the noise reduction system meets the extended sound insulation requirements of SIA 181 and DIN 4109 and has been certified by the Fraunhofer Institute. (You think we’re kidding? We couldn’t be more serious. Privacy is paramount.)

The comprehensive list of features:

-completely closed ceramic body

-LCC ceramic surface refinement

-rimless ceramic body

-thorough pre and post use shower head cleaning

-replaceable shower head nozzle and cover

-removeable seat and cover

-intuitive operation via button or App

-rear shower

-oscillating mode

-adjustable levels for shower jet pressure

-indicator light

-seat and cover lowering system

-integrated sound insulation

-Swiss design and manufacture

Find this innovative offering now available, new and exclusive to Italtile.

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