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Jul 22, 2019

Introducing the DQ + Range

Within the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the cosmopolitans that we call home, our houses are our sanctuaries. Every detail and square meter of your home and bathroom is a haven that you design and decorate to suit you and the life you lead. Elements are brought together to bring about calmness, relaxation, indulgence and a slice of personality. Your bathroom should never be left behind and our brand new range of DQ+ bathtubs and basins are opulence and affordability epitomized.


A lifetime of luxury

The charm and comfort offered by the luxury of the perfect bathtub in your bathroom is one that cannot be rivalled. The DQ+ range is proudly manufactured in South Africa from our unique DADOquartz material. Made from the fourth-strongest mineral in the world, the DQ+ range gives our basins and bathtubs exceptional hardness and distinguishing longevity with a lifetime warranty and a lifetime of luxury. Our range of DQ+ freestanding bathtubs is the ultimate luxury where quality is never a compromise.

Petite Prowess

The DQ+ Range is a compact yet spacious collection of bathtubs and basins which continues to embody the timeless luxury and enduring quality synonymous with DADOquartz products.

Gabriella Bathtub and Basin

The Gabriella bathtub is aimed at modern bathrooms where space is of paramount importance. This is a bathtub with an impressive capacity that offers double-ended seating.

Gabriella Basin and Bath

Vivian Bathtub and Basin

The ‘Vivian’ bathtub is a designer’s dream and provides elegant proportions with organic curves. These designs take centre stage and work seamlessly in both traditional and modern spaces. This affordable luxury range keeps the DADOquartz promise to offer you the most luxurious bathing experience.

Vivian Basin and Bath


Part of your home

Standing less than a meter in height with smooth rounded curves, our freestanding bathtubs not only provide great aesthetic but help in keeping the little ones a little safer around the bathroom. DQ+ bathtubs and basins are made from quartz, they have a high heat retention capacity during bath time which means: a little less work for your geyser, a little more time on the clock for hot baths together and less guilt to that pleasure.


There is no denying that DADO is at the forefront of design innovation and timeless luxury in the evolution of bathroom products. Visit the DADO website to learn more or experience the DQ+ range at your nearest retailer.


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