Introducing Geberit Abalona at Waterways

Waterways Bathroom and Plumbing is thrilled to present their latest addition, with the stunning Geberit Abalona range. With its timeless, classic lines, the Geberit Abalona bathroom series can be incorporated into any bathroom.

Geberit has selected a reserved and discreet design and has instead brought the functionality to the fore. Geberit Abalona sets itself apart with its outstanding value for money and the uncompromisingly high quality that has become synonymous with Geberit. ​ ​ A new bathroom should outlast short-lived trends, meet our own idea of style and comfort and be complemented by such fantastic ideas that we’ll still love it even years later.

It’s good to know our aims, requirements and aspirations when we select colours and materials, opt for a particular product or equip our bathroom according to the current standards of comfort. Geberit Abalona is classically timeless for every bathroom! Before planning your bathroom, be sure to consider your prerequisites, preferences and wishes. Our friends from Geberit have put together the following list that will help create clarity for your plans. Consider the following in the design of your bathroom:

  • Size and floor plan of room
  • How many people of what ages use the bathroom?
  • Keep a record of how the bathroom is used every day
  • Which bathroom trend inspires you the most?
  • What kind of living style do you prefer?
  • Do you prefer round or square washbasin shapes?
  • Do you want to plan for cross-generational needs or put the necessary measures in place so you can adapt the bathroom easily further down the line?
  • Which colours do you prefer?
  • Think about specific furnishing preferences, e.g. bathtub and/or shower, bidet, urinal, storage space.

You can’t go wrong with the Geberit Abalona range, now available from Waterways Bathroom and Plumbing. You can also check out some of their hot specials at some of their showrooms here.

Contact: Waterways Bathroom and Plumbing.


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