Get that industrial chic look with Copper Bath

Bring a warm glow back into your home with copper in the bathroom. Nothing says industrial chic quite like a copper feature in the home and thanks to Copper Bath, you can now invest in individually handcrafted copper baths to achieve the look in your own abode.

Copper tones and textures are best used in the kitchen and bathroom, where reflective surfaces are common, often creating a fun play of light and space in these areas. Larger statement pieces, such as a copper bath, create an elegant effect in the bathroom. As a feature item, the bath becomes the centrepiece of the entire room – a stylish and iconic piece that may hint at Hollywood glam and eras of old.

Studies have shown that copper is naturally antimicrobial, and therefore copper surfaces are highly beneficial in the prevention of the spread of bacteria. This means that copper also serves a very practical function in the bathroom in the hygiene of its users. In other words, these copper beauties are not only a pretty face… but also a welcome feature in preventing the spread of germs. From Xstrata Copper, one of the world’s largest copper suppliers explains: “…The health benefits of copper have been known by man since ancient times. The Egyptians used copper to make drinking vessels and water pipes, while others wore copper bracelets to ward off disease.

Although the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks may not have realized it, copper is an effective antimicrobial material destroying 99.9% of bacteria within two hours of exposure…” The real magic of copper also lies in the ways it ages and transforms over time. The subtle colour changes add to its timeless appeal and rustic charm. At Copper Bath you will find a variety of modern copper products from basins and baths to taps, showers and bathroom fittings – all fit for royalty.

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