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Dec 7, 2018

Holiday Gift Ideas From Jeeves

The countdown to the Holiday Season has started. That buzz of anticipation is in the air with the promise of memorable get-togethers – not to mention catching up on some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

Of course, there is also the excitement of shopping – getting just the right gift for the special people in your life. If you’re wondering just where to start, Jeeves is here, offering a delightful selection of heated towel rails to bring additional joy to the Festive Season.


  1. The gift that says “there’s no one else like you”

So you’re looking for something distinctive. A little on the exotic side. Something graceful and creative. The answer is simple – we’ve got you covered with the state-of-the-art Jeeves Tangent L Ladder Rail.  Novel in design, distinctive in appearance, the Ladder L transforms bathroom time into a sumptuous, aesthetic experience.  With tapering horizontal bars create a sense of design and perspective, this gift permeates the space with timeless, complimented by the added benefit of providing easy access to warmed up towels.

  1. The gift that provides a touch of indulgence

There’s nothing like bringing a touch of luxury to the person who enjoys the pampering look of a spacious retreat. Here the Jeeves Floor and Glass Mounted Spartan F is the perfect choice.  Transforming the bathroom into a secluded oasis, this heated towel rail inspires an ambiance of a stylish haven.

The floor and glass mounted look creates a unique contemporary effect with an effortless continuity, drawing attention to both the floor and wall spaces of the room.

Floor & Glass Mounted Spartan

  1. The gift that says “I love you”

Looking to melt a heart or two with your gifts? Whether it’s a gift for your family or your significant other – Jeeves has a range of heated towel rails set to steal the scene with their breathtaking contours and flawless craftsmanship.

Start with the magnificence of the Classic N28 – the perfect gift for the family bathroom.  Standing tall at 1740 mm, this heated towel is the ultimate solution for a constant supply of fresh dry towels.

Jeeves offers the chic Classic H on the other end of the size spectrum to bring a layer of luxury and an unforgettable gift for the love of your life.  This compact heated towel rail is ideal for ‘his’ and ‘hers’ spaces. As a graceful, smaller rendition of the N28, the Classic H consists of 7 bars, impacting the room with an unforgettable sophistication.

Classic N28

  1. The gift that makes a statement

Sleek, elegant and minimalist with a touch of extravagance, the Spartan Nine skillfully draws attention to its graceful design.  This heated towel rail is the perfect match for the person who favours a modern, striking effect.  Creating a focal point – both through design and its eye-catching height, this heated towel rail has an indefinable quality of poise.   Stretching over a meter with dimensions of 1365 x 520mm, the chic Spartan Nine makes an effortless design statement.

Named after the number of sleek horizontal bars, this gift is set to change the bathroom experience into a haven of delight, holding the attention of the observer with its decidedly captivating appeal.

Classic H 520

  1.  The gift of extravagance

For the person who appreciates the finer things in life, look no further than the splendor of the gravity-defying design of the Tangent X.  Standing unsupported, this freestanding, floor-mounted heated towel rail commands a feeling of opulence and spaciousness.

The attraction lies in its butler-like attendance, providing perfectly toasted towels. It is equally at home as a central décor feature which can double up as a border, separating different parts of the bathroom.

  1. The gift of tranquility

Jeeves provides a choice of finishes for that special someone who appreciates the aesthetics of nature.  From golden sunsets to the delicate pink of new blossoms – soft, smooth tones set the scene. This is where it all stops.  All that is required is to sit back and relax in a haven where colour sets the mood of serenity.

Jeeves heated towel rails come in a variety of finishes which evoke the peaceful scenes of the natural world. Visions of rich harvested fields are echoed in finishes of yellow gold. The silky softness of dew is evoked by the silver matte brushed look, bringing a tranquil sense of quiet to the bathroom space. For a gentle change of mood, there is a choice of antique rose gold.  Blending seamlessly with whites and greys, this colour evokes memories of lazy sunsets.

Spartan Nine

Spartan Nine

Wrapping it up

What makes the gift of a heated towel so special?  The fact that they add alluring appeal?  Certainly! The way they transform the bathroom into a private oasis of indulgence? We definitely agree! Their on-trend look? Absolutely!

But what really sets it apart is that as the days, months and even years go by, your gift will continue to pamper and delight, providing your loved one with the inviting warmth of a heated towel, bringing a sense of luxurious indulgence every day of the year.

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