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Mar 31, 2018

Hansgrohe Writes Design Stories

At Hansgrohe, design and maximum functionality go hand in hand. In conjunction with internationally successful designers, Hansgrohe develop bathroom and kitchen products which make these rooms more attractive and more comfortable on a daily basis – and which will continue to bring pleasure to users for a long time to come.

Creativity, therefore, has a prominent place at Hansgrohe. With more than 400 awards from independent judging panels in international design competitions, we are ranked number one in the bathroom sector when it comes to design.

Hansgrohe leading from the front!

After the latest iF Awards, Hansgrohe SE with Hansgrohe and AXOR brands, is currently the top performing company in the sanitary ware industry with the number 6 position in the overall rankings. This is out of 2 000 listed companies with the closest competitor in the industry lying beyond number 50 – confirming the high-quality design products available within the bathroom and kitchen ranges of the Hansgrohe brand.

Bathrooms – just like kitchens – ceased to consist of only their basic functions long ago. On the contrary, they are being transformed into living spaces where we can feel comfortable and cultivate our own personal style. Adding the element of luxury and creating the dream bathroom, a room that wakes you up in the mornings and relax in the evenings.

Beautifully designed, premium quality mixers and showers subsequently add that unique personal touch in the bathroom. Giving you the design, functionality and space to create – truly making the bathroom your own from the type of bath, basin, shower head and mixers.

At hansgrohe, you will find the perfect products for you, whether it is a nature-inspired, a detailed feminine, simplistic but modern or a magical, homely look you want to create within your bathroom space. Hansgrohe’s various ranges of mixers and showers open up the doors for you to create that exact look and feel.

Have a look on the Hansgrohe website to get your creativity going and get inspiration to plan your bathroom. This will leave you inspired with ideas to go crazy and truly create your dream bathroom by using the Hansgrohe success design stories, high-quality and award-winning products.

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