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Jul 3, 2018

Hansgrohe: Pleasure at The Touch of a Button

Hansgrohe, with its new mixer range Talis Select, introduces its popular Select technology within the well know Talis S range.

The flow of water is turned on and off by pressing the Select button instead of using a conventional lever handle. In a situation where your hands are full or dirty – you simply use the back of your hand or lower arm to control the water flow. Increasing the ease of use while keeping your mixer clean for longer.

Hansgrohe’s SelectButton also controls the water temperature by turning the valve (button area) left or right to get to your preferred heat. This added convenience requires no electricity or other devices in the base cabinet.

Hansgrohe SE

Talis Select is available in two versions: with a flat or a round, conical spout. The aesthetic appeal of the range lies in its clean lines and the seamless transition of the spout to the mixer body.

Not only does the Select button look stunning and modern but it is much easier and convenient to use. It is now available in a wide variety of products, offering you the option to equip your entire bathroom with Hansgrohe Select products: on your hand shower and head shower to change spray types, thermostatic mixers and now also your basin mixers.

Hansgrohe SE

Two more innovative technologies are found within the entire Talis mixer range. Firstly, Hansgrohe’s well known EcoSmart technology that uses up to 60% less water. With the help of an aerator, the flow of water is limited to five litres per minute without sacrificing comfort. The water is enriched with air, creating a soft, voluminous water jet. With the Select technology, you can save even more water quickly and easily by simply pressing the convenient Select button which stops the flow of water.

The third Hansgrohe innovation within the range: Hansgrohe’s ComfortZone. Mixers are available in a variety of heights for different types of basins harmonizing the washbasin and mixer not only in terms of style, but also in terms of practical everyday use. The range offers each customer a variety of options to choose their preferred look and feel that will best suit their needs.


Hansgrohe SE

More information on the Talis Select range can be found on the Hansgrohe website: www.hansgrohe.co.za

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