Hansgrohe: New Year, New Axor MyEdition

Settling down into a warm, bubbly bathtub, book in hand, candles flickering, the smell of lavender and the fizz of salts assaulting the senses… Pure bliss. There is a good reason that the bathtub is still around today.

And here come AXOR and Phoenix Design to make it that much better.

A spigot for every personality
Focus on the beauty of the AXOR MyEdition range – personalising your bathroom taps. Which is the whole driving force behind the concept here. Set yourself apart and satisfy your need to be unique. If you can do it with your number plate, your cell phone case and your hairstyle, why not your bathroom tap too?

Head in new directions
A worthy ideology, and one which AXOR MyEdition stands for. Life is not, as some would have it, a headlong sprint from first breath to last. No, life is a miasmic swirling pool which moves us about as and when it sees fit. Embrace the change and follow the current. Let AXOR MyEdition help you set the stage for self-realisation with its clear, linear design. Let AXOR MyEdition help you find your creativity with a wide range of plates available in leather, wood, glass, marble and mirror.

The realities
The design of the tap is as a single entity. It is meant to inspire awe from plate to handle (which is the tap version of head to toe). The rectangle shape asserts dominance, so that your mixer makes a statement in your bathroom.

Express yourself
You can find the perfect mirror to your personality with the AXOR MyEdition range. For the modern go-getter; the polished red gold surface which enhances the extravagant. For the salt-of-the-earth worker; the American black walnut veneer enshrining the beauty of nature. For the wanton beauty; South Tyrol white marble, latticed with golden veins. For the dark brooder; European Nappa leather, crafted and installed with precision and care.

Whatever your choice
AXOR has really gone outside of the box with this range, designed in accordance with the celebration of their 25th anniversary in 2018, and you have to give them credit. Pioneering the bathroom experience is what they do best, because at AXOR it is understood that your bathroom is your private oasis of wellbeing. It is your place of zen, your place to centre yourself and decide to head in new directions or stick with the old ones. Your bathroom should be more than just a safe space. It should be a reflection of your soul.

Individualise your bathroom and individualise your life. With AXOR MyEdition.

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