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May 4, 2019

Hansgrohe: How Can AXOR Fill Up Your Creative Tub?

Inspiration for the style of your bathroom can come from anywhere and now there are a few new modern innovations from the bathroom décor specialists AXOR which tie nicely in with certain bathroom themes. The real trick is choosing combinations which work for your personal style while still setting that trendy style your guests have come to know and love.

Go South, Sailor!

The good old-fashioned Nautical-themed bathroom – a common sight at just about every seaside holiday home from Sodwana to Saldanha – maintains its integrity as a staple classic for the coast-loving family. And as everyone knows, the Nautical bathroom should be two things: relaxing and lived-in. White wall paint and splashes of blue compliment the colours, while driftwood makes up the décor.

The Anchor

AXOR’s Starck V mixer is going to be your best friend for this bathroom style. The Starck V is characterised by the magic of transparency and has a body of crystal glass. But its real special feature is the vortex-shaped water that the spout produces. Evoking subconscious themes of whirlpools, typhoons and sea squalls, the Starck V would help take your nautical bathroom out of the early 60’s and place it firmly in the 21st century.

The Helm

So how do you carry the theme across to the shower? We’re looking for something modern, fresh and ‘sea voyagesque’. The AXOR Overhead Shower 350 is the one. Perfectly spherical, evincing that ship wheel shape, the 350 is the epitome of nautical class. Equipped with an innovative PowderRain jet, this shower will enhance your bathroom’s class, while enveloping your body in the finest cloak of droplets – for that sea-spume shower you’ve always wanted!

Just a taste!

This is just one suggestion for your bathroom; but the options are limitless. Between AXOR’s product ranges and your own imagination and style – there is an endless array of beautiful bathrooms for you to stitch together.

Get out your mood boards!

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