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Hansgrohe Continues To Revolutionise The Bathroom

In 1901 when Hansgrohe first began production, part of its mandate was to bring something new and unique to what was clearly an outdated ablutionary world. It is probably now safe to say that Hansgrohe has fulfilled that directive over the years, with an impressive menu of shower options for your home, including a few 2019 specials!


Having won more than 550 design awards in its lifetime, Hansgrohe has enough accolades to prove its global worth. But the German powerhouse still maintains that its spray lab is “dedicated to the pursuit of the perfect shower,” which is why innovation continues to thrive.

Hansgrohe now sports enough options in its bathroom-ware to satisfy an almost unlimited number of combinations, catering for the perfect experience for any homeowner. From Talis to Logis to ShowerSelect, Hansgrohe has something just for you.


The beauty of each Hansgrohe product lies in the attention to detail. Each has been mindfully mastered to meet the need of a discerning user. Innovation has always been the name of the game and Hansgrohe certainly continues to revolutionise the bathroom experience for users around the world.

A real contender this year is 2019’s Rainfinity, the shower head which is your gateway to complete relaxation. The concept behind this particular shower head is simple; to envelop your body in a coat made of a thousand droplets, feeling as soft and smooth as satin upon your skin. Rainfinity has a special design; an inward-curving spray surface which does not shoot water, but rather, allows water to descend in a controlled and gentle manner.

But it doesn’t stop there. In answer to the challenge posed by Rainfinity’s brilliance, Hansgrohe have also brought out PowderRain – the dark horse in this year’s race for innovative glory. PowderRain is about more than a shower, it is about having an experience. It’s about indulging yourself at the end of a long day. The concept is unique; covering your body in a cocoon of micro-fine droplets, for the most sensual shower you’ve ever had the privilege of enjoying.


hansgrohe Powder Rain

Hansgrohe has a number of other excellent showers and offers jet types like RainAir, Rain and Whirl.

RainAir is a relaxing shower, enriched with air inside the shower head. This gives the water a soft and plump feeling, enveloping your body in tender water globules and engendering a smooth sense of well-being. Much like a soft summer rain, this is an experience that transcends the functional.

Rain, like the name suggests, is a powerful rain jet that features an invigorating burst of freshness for the entire body. Ideal for rinsing out shampoo, this jet type is perfect for a stimulating start to the day! It also helps you recharge when you’re tired.

Whirl is a swirling massage spray that feels as good as it sounds. Helping you wash away your stress each day, this jet relieves tension in your neck and shoulders with a rotating helix nozzle. Treat yourself to a spa-like therapy without leaving the comfort of your home.


Of course, Hansgrohe doesn´t stop there. Amidst its full range are jets such as RainStream, CaresseAir, IntenseRain, Massage, Mono, TurboRain, Rainflow, Mix and SoftRain. For the shower connoisseur, variety is truly the spice of life – or at least the spice of sanitary fittings. These different showers will help you come to life in the morning, awakening your senses and keeping you fresh for the day from head to toe.

Can’t go wrong

2019 has been another great year in proving that Hansgrohe is committed to giving you the best bathroom experience that they can. With new products like PowderRain and Rainfinity, it’s easy to see why Hansgrohe netted a bunch of iF Design Awards early this year.

May the future bring many more!


hansgrohe. Meet the beauty of water!

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