Go Bold in Your Small Bathroom

Think out of the box to bring personality and style into your tiny bathroom space. Here are some of our top designer tips for injecting life and vibrancy into this functional area of your home. Go on – be bold in your bathroom this season and give it its own unique style!

Bold ceilings Who ever said that ceilings need to be white? I guess this is the easiest option and white does tend to go with just about any design under the sun, but when you are wanting to make a statement of style, spice things up with colour splashed across your bathroom ceiling! Black is a fashionable colour – add drama in a tiny bathroom by painting the ceiling in a bold black or charcoal tone that will pop against any other hues you have going on in this room. Black is a particularly great choice for a bathroom with white trim and mouldings, as it acts a neutral, allowing you to be playful with other colours, shapes, and silhouettes in mirrors, lighting, wallpaper, and accents.

Add Glam with a Mirror A bold mirror will instantly add energy in a small space – providing much-needed play with light and reflective qualities that will make your bathroom feel brighter and bigger than it actually is. Go for a statement frame in a timeless colour, such as a beautiful gold rim or add a touch of Industrial chic design to your bathroom with a copper framed mirror. Metallic finishes such as gold and bronze will add instant majestic appeal, while bright shades such as red or orange in a high-gloss finish will contribute a dose of fun.

Designer Wallpaper A stunning wallpaper will add instant appeal to the bathroom. Go for a bold print or colourful pattern to add vibrancy to your space. Whether your style is traditional, a bit bohemian, decidedly modern, or somewhere in between, there’s a bold wallpaper out there for you.

Striking Tiles You don’t have to play it safe when tiling the bathroom. We love the innovative use of tiling floor to ceiling bathrooms in majestic tones. You can also find unconventionally shaped tiles, such as trendy hexagon tiles, to suit your space. Tiled floors are a given in bathrooms, but have you considered tiling your walls with a patterned design? Not only are tiles versatile and durable in the bathroom, they can also work to add aesthetic interest in this functional area of your home.

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