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Mar 9, 2019

Franke’s New Exos Line of Accessories Are Here

One line, one design, for the perfect washroom experience – it’s the Exos Line of accessories from Franke.

Style and design

In today’s washroom environment, style and design are pinnacle factors in creating a long lasting impression for visitors and staff. Accessories are amongst one of the most important components when renovating or creating a new washroom design. Choosing the right accessories can add style, practicality and consistency to the scheme. There are many accessories on the market that can create a smart and unique washroom to suit any budget. We explore why adding matching accessories is so important and why they have the biggest impact on a user’s experience.


In most cases people believe that the washroom isn’t the forefront of people’s minds when they are leaving a review for an establishment such as a hotel or retail space. However, washrooms can be the first and last thing a customer or a visitor see’s, particularly in retail environments, hotels or even in offices. Creating the right atmosphere with a range of contemporary accessories can really leave a long lasting impression.

People often forget about the importance of washroom accessories as they are usually chosen and installed at the end of washroom refurbishments. But these are the products that visitors will use the most. Soap dispensers and hand dryers can particularly have an effect on people’s thoughts when visiting the washroom. If a soap dispenser is of poor quality or a hand dryer is too loud and doesn’t dry hands properly it will definitely leave a shoddy impression on the user, therefore it is important to consider not only style, but quality when choosing accessories.

Breaking away from mismatching styles and furnishes can separate your washroom from the rest, Giving the washroom a luxurious look and feel. Whatever the specification or budget there are products on the market that can make a washroom stand out. Adding coordinating ranges of accessories such as matching soap dispensers, hand dryers and waste bins can bring the room to life and add value to the whole washroom. Extra details like unique and stylised mirrors can also add to the character and atmosphere of the washroom making it feel like an all-important part of the building and much more than an afterthought.

A complete solution

Franke’s Exos range of accessories combines a clear-cut design, modular systems and high quality materials. By the use of interchangeable fronts in stainless steel or glass, different room ambiances can be created. Enhanced flexibility can also be found in the soap dispenser product group, where the operation can be easily changed from electronic to manual or from liquid to foam soap catering for changing requirements.

Exos accessories can be perfectly coordinated with Franke’s range of Quartz surfaces which are available in a colour pallet range from white to grey to black, including warm beige tones and elegant earthy nuances to complement the Stainless Steel, white and black finish options of Exos accessories. The Franke Exos disabled range of integrated grab rails have been specifically designed with the user in mind with a large radius for efficient grip and support. This allows for consistency across all types of washrooms, no matter the size.

Discover EXOS. Accessories

Franke’s Exos. accessories are the highest in style, design and quality. The interchangeable fronts give you the flexibility to choose any style or design to match and perfectly coordinate the whole washroom. The coloured glass fronts are reinforced safety glass, making them robust and practical for any washroom environment.

The Exos. range has received the PLUS X Award seal of approval in quality, and specialist journalists and industry experts awarded the range for ‘exceptionally good product properties’ in the award categories; high quality, design and functionality.

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