Ferreiras: Season News

Ferreiras is undergoing some exciting things as the season and it’s collections come forward with inspiration and evolution. They recently launched their new website and have introduced a new colour range.

They have recently received a new colour addition from one of their most popular Italian ranges – the Concept Stone Beige Chiaro. Its earthy and grounding colour palette is great for all year round, giving your space a classic overall understanding of the preciousness of natural tones.
The Concept Stone collection is a brainchild inspired by the precious Pietra Di Vesale; it reinterprets it through a careful design that harmonizes the material’s many hues. A perfect blending of character of one of the most popular stones over the centuries. Warm and tough, unpredictable and expressive nuances, born in the heart of the Emilia Apennines.
Contact: Ferreiras 


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