FERREIRAS: Mosaic Madness

March into Ferreiras this month for 25% off all Douglas Jones mosaics (T’s and C’s Apply). Now is not the time to hesitate in redoing your bathroom or kitchen, or swimming pool. That’s right, Ferreiras have mosaics for all of these settings and they are all 25% off this month – What a sale!

Additionally, you could win a custom Douglas Jones fade with Ferreiras this month. What is that exactly? Well, it’s in the name – Ccstom meaning you choose everything to your liking – the size, shape and colours and then Douglas Jones creates the fade. You can choose what percentage of each colour in the fade as well – this could be the perfect feature in any room of your home or business. Mosaics have come a long way in recent years and with Ferreiras you have over 1000 mosaics to choose from. How incredible! Tips for using mosaics in general:

  • Firstly, using mosaic is quite straightforward and easy. Just remember to give all the relevant information when looking at buying mosaics. The most important being application – where is the product going to be installed – kitchen backsplash? Bathroom floor and/or wall? Swimming pool?
  • Lucky for you, Douglas Jones has coded each mosaic to remind you what product/range can be used where and these symbols can be found online or in the catalogue. Of course Ferreiras’ sales staff and in-house designers are available to assist with all the technical information you need as well.
  • Asking technical questions about your project will make sure you are supplied with the correct products for installation. For example, some products need to be sealed post installation, and when it comes to swimming pools the specification must be correct.

For Pools: Choosing from the pool mosaic range is the most straightforward process, whether it’s a scum line or full mosaic pool, but do contact the in-house designers if it’s something more elaborate or creative you’re looking for. Don’t forget to be up to date with whether your pool is salt or chlorine and whether it is fibreglass or marbelite etc. In the Bathroom: The world of Ferreiras is your oyster. As long as you don’t put glass on your shower floor (it’s very slippery – Yikes!) and as long as you don’t put metal in your shower (it will rust) then you are good to go. The Design studio are experienced in putting together the best tile and mosaic combo’s around. Book an appointment now to start your project.  
In the Kitchen: Pretty much any mosaic can be used as a backsplash. Yay! But if you use a natural stone product it should be sealed post installation as natural stone is much more porous than other materials such as glass – which is easier to clean naturally and does not need sealing.
Anything is possible. Contact Ferreiras to find out more.


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