Duravit: The Family Bathroom

Drawer in – and out. Mirror cabinet open – and closed. Water on – and off. It’s all go in family bathrooms in the morning.

Every move has to be perfectly orchestrated, every utensil within easy reach. So it’s always good to have little problem-solvers at hand to make sure that everyday routines go like clockwork. Functionality and comfort play a key role here.

Duravit offers a whole host of sophisticated solutions for bathroom users of all ages, particularly in the washing area. The varied and customizable Brioso design options are excellent value for money.

Tall cabinets, vanity units, and other bathroom furniture from the Brioso range guarantee ample storage room for all textiles and accessories such as toothbrushes, make-up, or towels in the family bathroom.

A particularly practical alternative is the variant with a console panel, two washbasins, and four drawers. The basic interior organizer system keeps things in their place within the vanity units.

Brioso also enables practically asymmetric, half-open furniture to be created that further underlines the fresh look of the range. This allows important care products to be stored within easy reach for children, too.

Mirror cabinets have a number of distinct advantages over regular mirrors: They create extra space as well as providing an additional source of light.

Create the ideal family bathroom with the latest innovations from a trusted brand in bathroom designs. Duravit has you covered with ideal solutions for the ultimate in family bathrooms.

For more information visit Duravit.


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