Duravit: C-Bonded Technology and Precision in the Bathroom

Duravit combines the highest manufacturing quality with outstanding design and creates washbasin solutions brimming with innovation. It has taken perfection, years of experience and expertise to develop c-bonded technology, a globally unique process in which ceramics and bathroom furniture are combined almost seamlessly.

c-bonded. New technology. New purism.

Using a radically new technical solution developed by Duravit, the washbasin is bonded to the vanity unit in an innovative way. Manufactured with millimetre precision, the ceramic of the washbasin fits accurately in the furniture. The materials bond seamlessly and appear to be a single unit.

Thanks to the accurate and precise-fitting connecting technology, ceramic and furniture merge to form a single unit. The actual thickness of the washbasin is invisible and reduced to a precise edge. The transition from the cool, smooth ceramic to the natural texture of the wood is a unique sensation to the touch: the washbasin is a true masterpiece.

The c-bonded version is available in the following versions:
– L-Cube furniture + Darling New ceramics
– L-Cube furniture + Vero Air ceramics
– Brioso furniture + Vero Air ceramics

L-Cube is the basis


Innovatively manufactured washbasins come together with the L-Cube furniture for new, puristic washbasin solutions – and gives you much more freedom of design in the bathroom. All c-bonded versions are based on the L-Cube bathroom furniture series by Christian Werner. The timeless series convinces with its variety and individual scope for design.


The extremely robust ceramic surface made out of the new ceramic composition DuraCeram®, makes the unity of ceramic and furniture non-sensitive and easy to clean. Thanks to the delicate edge which is most accurate and precise, the washing area turns into a real masterpiece. The two elements are joint permanently, seamless and are water-resistant.

The accurate fit of washbasin and vanity unit and the choice of white high gloss lacquer for the L-Cube surface create an appearance of a single unit –purism at its best.

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