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Bathrooms Feb 22, 2024

House Tour: Infinity Surfaces Elevates a Luxe Estate Renovation.

Few materials can rival the genius of Infinity Surfaces – as seen in this lavish home in Paarl. The numerous applications throughout the property blend boldness with out-of-the-box thinking! Made from quality raw materials and suitable for any project, Infinity Surfaces allows your imagination to be the guide…

Fireplace Cladding: Infinity Surfaces Tundra Select

Acting as an anchor for the living room, the earthy tones of Tundra Select are hard to beat. Tundra Select was developed by drawing inspiration from traditional grey calcareous marble. The integrated air vents make it possible for the television to sit safely above the fireplace. This sense of cohesion is echoed in the end-matching of the slabs.


Bathroom Serenity: Chianca di Ostuni

Moving into the bathroom, the atmosphere shifts with the introduction of Chianca di Ostuni on the drawer fronts and flooring. The reduced weight and the ease with which it can be processed make Infinity Surfaces suitable for this type of installation.

With nearly zero porosity, simple and intuitive maintenance, the large-scale slabs also allow for minimal joining – and since the bathroom is a place for cleanliness and personal hygiene – this is ideal.


Dark & Moody: Metal Dark

As one spends time in the guest bathroom adorned with the Infinity Surfaces Metal Dark wall and floor cladding, a sense of drama unfolds. Due to the thinness of the slabs, the aesthetic travel from the walls to the floor.

Metal Dark has a natural petrified wood look with shades of grey, black, and brown flowing throughout. The perfect choice for a modern bathroom that will make a statement.


Grey Chic: Concrete Light

If cladding the floors and walls isn’t enough – then why not add a bathroom vanity, drawer fronts, and floating shower shelf to the mix! Infinity Surfaces Concrete Light creates a beautiful monochromatic area that is tough to beat.

The versatility of this material allows you to use every inch of your large-scale slab to maximise efficiency and value for money. As a result, the bathroom becomes a sculptural element.


Classic Elegance: Calacatta Oro

Just like the Tundra Select fireplace in the living room – this one utilises integrated air vents so that the TV unit and fireplace can be featured together. The floor-to-ceiling wall cladding featuring Infinity Surfaces Calacatta Oro integrates well with the neighbouring floating shelves and kitchen section. Calacatta Oro exudes refinement, turning ordinary rooms into absolute stunners.



Website: https://www.infinitysurfaces.co.za/   

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/infinitysurfacesza   

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/infinitysurfacesza/   

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