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Nov 17, 2017

Designer Cabinets for Your Bold Bathroom

Never overlook your bathroom when it comes to design. Make a striking statement of style in your bathroom with a bold cabinet that will completely elevate the style of your home. Here are some ideas.

Burst of colour Colour, without a doubt, adds richness, vibrancy and life to any space, including the bathroom. Go bold with a gorgeous toned cabinet that is eye-catching and simply gorgeous in this functional room in your home. It will serve as a statement piece in your bathroom, and offer functionality for storage and more! Think bright yellow, red, orange or even aqua for a burst of colour. Vintage Think outside of the box when it comes to your bathroom cabinets.

Perhaps you want to upcycle an old desk or rustic table into a vintage cabinet. Visit an antique store for ideas and be inspired by adding character and charm with a vintage cabinet to create a stylish and soulful effect in the bathroom.   Black is beautiful A modern black finish is timeless within interior design. Pair it will a beautiful set of hardware, and your bathroom cabinet will ooze style and elegance. Black will probably never go out of fashion, and what’s more, black pairs well with just about any other colour!


Sleek and modern For a more modern look, be bold and invest in a sleek and contemporary cabinet solution in the bathroom. Think glass and mirror as a possible finish and make a bold statement with a modern item that will match your interior style.


Glamour Nothing says glamour quite like shimmery metallics such as gold, silver, brass or even copper. Bring this into your bathroom cabinetry and be sure to create a striking, glamorous and luxurious feel that oozes modern sophistication. Minimalist Create a striking minimalist bathroom with a simple cabinet in the bathroom – think open shelving, a few added crates of baskets for storage, or a streamlined, unadorned and raw finish to add to the symmetry and calming tones of a minimalist bathroom.

Caldera by Valentino Marengo

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