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Jan 24, 2018

DECA – Breathtaking bathrooms

Your bathroom should epitomise comfort, tranquillity, vivid individuality and for the most part, it should reflect a luxurious pampering sanctuary. Deca knows how important this part of your home is and they strive to make every product the embodiment of style, comfort, speciality and high value.

All Deca products go through rigorous assessment processes and are validated under the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) criteria, which ensures they are able to be used in green building projects where the rational use of water is mandatory.

Create perfect harmony between function and beauty by incorporating simple designs with modern technology that embodies clean lines, balanced proportions and puristic design. Ge the look with Deca and rest assured that your every bathroom requirement will be met, and standards exceeded.

This design tradition, translated into experiences, has led the company to achieve a number of national and global awards – such as recognition within the IF Design Awards.

Deca caters to a wide variety of tastes and requirements. Here we highlight a few of the different styles of basins you can find at Deca:


Beautifully modern and distinct, this basin can fit on top of your pre-existing cabinet or bathroom vanity and can be chosen to complement the look and feel of an existing bathroom.


Application occurs directly onto the wall, where the basin is installed and appears to be floating off the ground. This is great to free up space around the basin, in bathrooms with limited space.

Drop In Basin

As the name suggests, this basin can be dropped into a pre-existing structure or vanity where it is set in place.


This modern take on a basin sees the structure of the basin inserted from below to fit underneath a countertop or structure. Depending on your personal style, these are great additions in a bathroom with a striking counter, where you are hoping to create a sleek, harmonious feel.

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