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Aug 14, 2017

De Witt Bathrooms: How to Avoid Bathroom Renovation Blunders

Bathroom renovations can add immense value to your lifestyle and property. However, bathroom renovations are not created equal. Some upgrades may add visual appeal and value to your home, while others may not fully pay off at the time of resale. Some renovations might even have a negative and detrimental outcome when it is time to sell your home. We hear from the professionals at De Witt Bathrooms about what to avoid when you are considering a modern bathroom renovation.

1. Removing the bathtub If it is in your immediate future to sell your home, then maybe you should really reconsider removing the bathtub to make space for a bigger shower. This is even truer if it is the only bathtub in the house or if it is in the main bathroom. Why? Well simply put, the absence of a bathtub means you have to shower the children, which for obvious reasons, will immediately disqualify your home for many home-buyers with young families. Alternative: If you really want that sexy big frame-less shower in place of the bathtub, make sure you do this in your en-suite only! There should always be a bathtub in your primary bathroom.

2. Enlarging the en-suite at the expense of another bedroom While most home-buyers love to see a spacious spa-like ensuite in the home, appropriating space from an adjacent bedroom or replacing the bedroom with a larger en-suite bathroom all-together, can and will work against you, come the time to sell your home. More often than not, home-buyers place a higher value on having sufficient bedrooms in the home than on the presence of a large en-suite. Alternative: If enlarging your bathroom means deducting space from another room, look to your master bedroom rather than taking from another room. Many master bedrooms do have pockets of unused space, so expanding your en-suite within the master bedroom can still leave you with sufficient space.

3. Adding a counter top sink To best way to describe a counter top sink, is to explain it as a type of bathroom sink that looks like a wash basin sitting on top of the counter. These sinks have been popular for many years and can add a modern and attractive feel to your bathroom. The reality is that they tend to be a love-it or hate-it type of product. In other words, you might scare off potential home-buyers who don’t like the look. Counter top sinks also tend to have a high splash point when water hits them too forcefully. Potential home-buyers with small children might see this as some sort of a drawback or negative aspect in the home.

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Beautiful bathrooms originate from bathroom designs done properly, and not in a hurry. Renovating your bathroom should take time, time to procure the right products, time to sit down with your renovating company and discuss in-depth that which you as a client expect and wish from the project, always keeping an open mind as to what is realistic and practical at the same time.

With De Witt Bathrooms, you can rest assured that you can shop with peace of mind, purchasing your products and having it delivered to your doorstep. De Witt Bathrooms was founded on the dream of becoming the leading online bathroom products service provider for an all-inclusive home and business improvement experience.

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