DADO Introduces The Compact Range for Smaller Bathrooms

DADO is thrilled to introduce its brand-new range of compact, yet spacious bathtubs. The Compact Range shows off the timeless luxury and enduring quality that DADO’s clients have come to expect from the brand.

Ava bathtub

The condensed 1500mm length bathtubs with narrowed rim width boasts more space
for a comfortable relaxation experience.

Two stylish bathtubs commence the range. The Ava bathtub is a contemporary option, the perfect compact bathtub for the modern-day city apartment while the Julia is a more classical selection to suit the suburban home. Each of these bathtubs has a matching basin with an identical name, that was made to perfectly complement the bathtub and seamlessly complete your bathroom look.


Both these models are available to order at your nearest bathroom ware retailer today. The Compact Range bathtubs are 200-300mm smaller than their larger counterparts which are available in the Classic, Standard and City Ranges. The smaller bathtubs allow interior designers and homeowners to make the most of the alcoves and corners in the bathroom by adding a stone bathtub which will effortlessly increase the style factor as well as the monetary value of their homes.

With a growing global population and limited space, especially in metropolitan areas, real estate developers have been tending towards the development of smaller properties and therefore smaller bathrooms. DADO has kept its ear to the ground and heeded the cry of homeowners who want to embrace full bathrooms with both a shower and a bathtub in their limited space.

The stunning compact bathtubs are made from locally mined quartz ore, which is crushed and mixed with resin and other natural materials to create DADO’s own unique material named DADOquartz. The special properties of quartz give this exceptional material alluring qualities, much to the liking of those found in rose, milky or smoked quartz or amethyst. DADOquartz is used to manufacture our beautifully crafted bathtubs and basins, giving them exceptional hardness and distinguishing longevity, all backed by DADO’s lifetime warranty.

DADO’s bathtubs are hand finished for the ultimate luxury bathing experience. DADO believes that companies need to be agile and proactive to survive in the most demanding consumer climate of all time. With 20 years in the industry, and a world-renowned reputation in the bathroom ware industry, the DADO company is an expert in adapting to its consumers’ needs.

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