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Jan 24, 2018

DADO: Freestanding Bathroom Trends

The purpose of a bathroom has, up until recent times, been purely seen as a functional area, a place to shower and bath and get on with the day. However, people have gradually grown an appreciation of the bath space as something much more than that – a place of relaxation, wellness and rejuvenation. This has led to an emergence of contemporary trends that treat the bathroom as a personal sanctuary, an escape from the pressure and stresses of daily life.

Amsterdam Bath with its rectangular forms.

Dado takes us closer with a look at the wider picture in the home. Freestanding baths play a central role in this shift in lifestyle design, and from the sketches of the world’s top designers, we are witnessing the emergence of beautiful features with a great deal of individuality. The bathroom space is no longer a humble box room, and homeowners are now sensibly investing in freestanding bathroom appliances that transform the shape of their entire home.

Merging your bathroom to the Master Bedroom While freestanding bathrooms have always proved popular with both the elite and the masses, their look and feel have evolved significantly in the 21st century. Gone are the days of the cast iron baths, which were both bulky and strenuous to maintain.

In its place, there has been an emergence of both contemporary and chic freestanding tubs and basins. The classic Victorian has also been given a refreshing overhaul with a more minimalist design that still maintains its luxurious feel, and sits perfectly in the master bedroom. The Victoria Bath, from Dado’s Classic Range, is a seamless example of this.

Natural Stone Finishes to the fore With an emerging design of bathroom finishes blending into the greater environment of the bathroom, stone and natural finishes are becoming more popular.

In particular, quartz and other resin materials create a natural stone appearance that is incredibly strong and crafted to sit as ‘works of art’ in the bathroom. DADOquartz With a Standard, City, and Classic freestanding bathtub and complementary basin range, Dado is at the forefront of the latest bathroom trends and have a design solution for every bathroom.

Using the latest manufacturing technology and innovation, Dado’s freestanding bathtubs and basins are manufactured from their own unique DADOquartz material and they are known for their timeless sophisticated designs like the Acanthus, Moloko and Deonne bathtubs and complementary basins.

As a testament to the exceptional durability of all their products, Dado back up their work with a 25 Year Warranty on all baths and basins. Visit the online showroom today, and find the next centrepiece for your bathroom space.

The Toronto Bath – contemporary style and perfectly smooth finish.

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