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Feb 28, 2018

DADO: Add A Stylish Basin to Your Modern Bathroom

Basins have outgrown their purpose as a mere functional necessity to wash your hands and face – they are a key design element in your home and will remain relevant for years to come. We hear from our friends at Dado about how to add a stylish basin to your modern space to better reflect your bathroom’s overall aesthetic. 

Choosing a design that appeals to the shape of your space: Thanks to innovation in the bathroom design industry, stylish basins are now being manufactured and distributed in all shapes and forms. For the consumer, it means you have access to a wide variety of looks including a sleek, thin-rimmed basin that matches the contours of your bathtub, without compromising on strength. Fine and thinner edges to basins are a strong and emerging trend that has swept the market in recent times. Coupled with the durability of quartz material, we highly recommend DADOquartz’s Thin Rim range of stylish bathroom basins. Available in a variety of styles and depths, they epitomize modern bathroom trends and bring its functionality to a whole new level.

Deonne Bath

Basins as Contemporary Pillars of the Bathroom: True to its name, pillar basins stand out from the crowd and make a bold statement in the bathroom space. Pillar basins are great for smaller bathrooms where space is limited but also makes an impression when placed next to each other in repetition. Sometimes the hardest choice narrows down on whether to choose a circular or square element. DADOquartz has recognized the versatility and appeal of pillar basins, both in contemporary, and in classic bathroom spaces. Their ‘Pillar Range’ series, featuring the stylish Mango, Annelie, and Edithbasins, is guaranteed to take your bathroom one step further, reinventing the functional bathroom experience. DADO – Beautiful and Befitting Basins: DADO is a luxury bathroom ware brand established in 2002. Inspired by both natural beauty and sophisticated design, each DADO product is hand finished to ensure that smooth, luxurious detail complements its functional use. Dado’s freestanding bathtubs and basins are manufactured from their own unique DADOquartz material, guaranteed to last a generation and backed up by a 25-Year warranty. Download their catalogue today, to find the design solution for your bathroom, and feel free to contact DADO about how to compliment your purchase with matching bathtubs and basins. Contact: DADO

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