Create the Ultimate Bachelor’s Bathroom with Ferreiras

The ultimate bachelor’s bathroom – it sounds like something out of a movie, where the chiselled superhero steps out the shower in his penthouse suite with a minimalistic bathroom that is designed with dark colours and square shapes.

But let’s just jump back to reality for a second. Although the bathroom is typically seen as a feminine space it is in fact not, as men use the space just as much as women do.

We could even go as far as saying men use it more. What could be more important than having an adjustable, anti-mist mirror when taking a blade to your face?

This months’ promotion at Ferreiras includes 10% off their swivel and extendable shaving mirrors – just what every man needs.

This is only the beginning, as you can also get 10% off the Duravit D-code and Fizz urinals too. Further to that, receive 15% off this “Movember” on the PrimaBella shower enclosures at Ferreirras.

Everybody loves a great shower. Imagine standing in the perfect sized shower with the water from the perfectly positioned showerhead with just the right amount of pressure providing the hot water to rinse off all your stress. Not to mention having custom chosen shower shelves and caddies to store all your products and of course. the soap on a rope Christmas gifts… or NOT!

Visit Ferreiras and check out the many instore products and promotions and if even then you are still undecided, the team of interior designers from the Ferreiras in-store Design Studio are on standby to offer assistance as needed. Your dream bathroom, be it movie star style or simple and functional, can be custom designed and specified by the professionals. Make an appointment or step in store to browse around – maybe take hubby along for a free beer during the month of November!

Contact: Ferreiras.


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