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Corobrik: Bring the outdoors indoors with rustic styled showers

Image sourced from www.decoist.com

Bathroom design in recent times seems to be heading in two distinctly different directions, with one set of homeowners wanting stylish and refined contemporary spaces whilst others embrace textual beauty and imperfect elegance.

If you form part of the latter group, who thrive on incorporating exposed brick and rustic outdoor elements of wood or stone into your bathroom design, then you will enjoy the designs we have chosen to inspire you to create your own rustic indoor havens of tranquility.

Who doesn’t like to wind down from a hectic day under a nice hot shower? Turn your quick five-minute shower into an outdoor spa retreat. Here are some of our favourite rustic shower designs, which have all used face brick either on the walls or floor to create that outdoor look and feel.

  1. Use different outdoor elements to create a rustic feel

Image sourced from www.pinterest.com

If you have fallen in-love with the great outdoors and the freedom it brings then maybe it’s time for you to bring it indoors.

This design is a modern take on rustic by incorporating glass, wood and stone. Face brick is used on the floor of this shower which compliments the other elements used in the space. Face brick is also durable and easy to clean.

2. Go rustic glam

Image sourced from www.Pinterest.com

For those who prefer “glamping” instead of camping, maybe this design should be one to consider. Incorporating exposed brick into your design brings along with it a touch of roughness. Create this look by combining wood, stone and brick. Using the same colour palette of light browns brings this shower to life, allowing a seamless flow throughout this space even although various textures have been used.

3. Let the colour of the brick be the focal point

Image sourced from www.Pinterest.com

A glass shower cubicle combined with exposed brick walls creates a beautiful fusion of contemporary and rustic with ease, whilst the red bricks create an accent feature and add both colour and texture effortlessly. Corobrik has a variety of red brick available so you can choose the perfect hue just for you!

We hope our design ideas have inspired you to create your own rugged yet ravishing rustic showers.

To make all your design dreams come true make sure to visit Corobrik or leave a comment in the box below if you need help or simply want to share your special design ideas with us, we love hearing from you!





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