Choosing a Functional and Gorgeous Bathroom Vanity

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, choose a functional and gorgeous vanity to make a statement. Here’s what you need to consider…

A striking complement to the graceful Shagreen on Carillon® Round Wading Pool sink, the rich glazed finish of the Shagreen collection shows iridescent pearly tones and a gently granulated texture similar to leather.

First, consider space

Long and thin areas will drive you to look for vanity designs that are shallower, but can perhaps stretch along the length of your wall; spacious corners will lend to deeper designs, but the length may have to be cut short in favour of a more triangular design. This will also be greatly affected depending on whether you are looking for a counter for your master suite or a powder room.

In addition to the space, you will also need to look at the current layout. Where are your fixtures (e.g. toilet, tub, etc.) currently placed? For a remodel, it is rare to redesign an area entirely since it requires running new electrical lines or plumbing. Generally, remodels are limited to the current layout and your new piece will have to fit into a preset space. Combining these features and other features with the overall space will determine the dimensions and start to give you an idea for the design of your new statement piece.

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Second, choose your color

Colour is everything. It can set the tone and bring out either warmth or cool down an area based on pigments alone.

If you are keeping the current colour(s), your job will be slightly easier. All you will need to do is ensure that the new colour(s) you are introducing with this updated counter match the current ones.

How to Choose the Best Colour:

  • Consult with the paint professionals at your local paint store
  • Consider hiring a professional painter, or at least obtaining their opinion regarding the room
  • Consult with an interior designer

Next, choose your vanity layout

After setting the space and noting a few colour options with textures, you have the foundation to pull it all together with design options.

Many modern designs feature double sinks which are a great finishing touch for couples in a master bathroom. With this, you also have the option of doing double sinks, each of them being smaller, but giving ample space to both partners. If you are looking for a sink for your powder room, you may want to consider a countertop with plenty of storage underneath the sink for extra supplies.

When choosing the layout, keep the contours in mind too. Many designs come with the standard, squared corners and straight edges. However, there are rounded edges and more fluid lines too.

How to Choose Your Layout:

  • Consider the number of sinks you would like
  • Note if you want a mirror as part of the design
  • Decide if you want shelves, drawers, cabinets, or a little bit of everything
  • Explore your options at the local design store or utilize an online inventory such as Wayfair

Lastly, choose a surface finish or material

Surface materials range from standard to standout. Choosing the right one for your space will greatly depend on your taste and budget, rather than considerations such as space and general design. This is where you can express yourself the most.

Common Countertop Options:

  • Stone: This is a unique finish that requires some upkeep, but is well-worth the effort. There are generally four different types of finish if you select stone: polished, honed, leathered, or caressed.
  • Limestone: This finish is more economical than its marble counterpart and is easy to work with. Limestone is an ideal natural finish and works well if you are looking for neutral tones in your space.
  • Granite: This finish is 100% natural and no two countertops are ever the same. Granite pieces are generally more of an investment, but their durability and unique beauty are sure to make your space stand out.
  • Quartz: This natural stone material is a beauty and requires less upkeep than other similar materials such as granite. They are often engineered in a factory and the added resin makes these countertops beautiful and more scratch resistant than 100% natural slabs. To see your options for quartz countertops, start with a visit to your local home store.
  • Marble: This is one of the most gorgeous finishes for your counter. Admittedly it is one of the more expensive tops to invest it, but well worth it. The quality of marble can outlast many other surfaces and is beautiful as it is durable.

Choosing a new vanity that is both gorgeous and functional doesn’t have to be complicated. Being space conscious and having an idea of the colour, design and style that you are looking for will go a long way when choosing a new fixture.

In the end, the best piece will be what works for your needs and shows off your design style. Have fun and enjoy the shopping – you may find something you never even knew you liked!

Kohler vanities allow you to create a beautifully designed and customized look to match your personal style.

Shopping Guide and images : Kohler

Contributor: Jessica from Marble


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