Change the way you use water with Hansgrohe

Water is essential for our day to day lives in a thousand ways. It all begins and ends in your bathroom, the one room which helps you wake up in the morning and relax in the evening after a long day.

These are two special moments in our daily lives we share with something as simple as water, moments that we tend not to appreciate enough. Take a moment and let your thoughts wonder into that space of relaxation, where you can turn every morning and evening into something precious. Transforming your bathroom into a place of comfort and relaxation does not require a whole renovation; it can be something as simple as having the right showerhead – turning your daily shower experience into a heaven on earth moment. At Hansgrohe we offer various sizes and shapes of showerheads with different functions. You can choose between the spray types you enjoy the most from normal spray, massage spray, rainfall or rain spray types and others. We also give you the option to purchase one showerhead with more than one spray type ensuring that your entire household can enjoy the spray they prefer. With shower pleasure in mind, Hansgrohe took convenience a step further by introducing the innovative Select Button, changing your overhead shower to your hand shower and back or switch between the spray types simply by the touch of a button. Furthermore, hansgrohe plays a pioneering role in dealing with ways to save water. The hansgrohe EcoSmart showerheads require up to 60% less water than conventional products without compromising your shower experience. Less water combined with air saves water while giving you the premium hansgrohe shower experience you deserve. We strongly believe that the most precious moments are the moments with water.

Hansgrohe. Meet the beauty of water. 


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