It’s Bold. It’s Beautiful. It’s Black Meir Tapware

Looking for something extraordinary for your bathroom or kitchen renovation? Why not invest in premium matte black tapware and elevate a typically sterile room in the house to something revolutionary. Black is both bold, beautiful and a classic addition to any interior design.

This is one of the hottest trends of the season, with black as a timeless yet stylish tone to add to the bathroom or kitchen. Meir is an Australian company that designs and manufactures premium matte black tapware with an emphasis on modern design and clean lines. Designed with the assistance of leading Australian architects, Meir crafts each piece from concept to production at the highest standards. This premium matte black tapware is now available in South Africa via agents, Waterways.

Using an electroplated matte finish for durability, Meir offers an outstanding 10-year warranty on construction. Electroplating is a process that uses electric current to dissolve metal to form a metal coating. It is harder wearing than powder coating, which is why Meir Australia uses the electroplating process for over 95% of products. Although electroplating is more durable than powder coating, it is not scratch proof and care should be taken when cleaning and handling the products – just like chrome tapware.

For cleaning, and to extend the life of your products, do not use any harsh chemicals or rough surface materials such as scourers or adhesive tape. A soft cloth with warm soapy water will keep the matte finish in a new condition and will ensure your warranty is maintained. Black tapware tends to look better over the years as the electroplated coating resists soap scum and mold better than the chrome counter-party. Unlike chrome, the matte black finish reduces the reflective elements such as lighting, so things like fingerprints are actually less noticeable.

For more info and to purchase your own signature matte black tapware, visit Waterways.


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