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Jan 16, 2019

Bathroom Butler’s Top 10 Bathroom Design Tips

When designing or renovating your bathroom, SPS Studio and Bathroom Butler share their Top 10 tips for any aspiring designer to consider before tackling the design challenge.

  1. Don’t overthink wall tiles. They are essential in the wettest areas (think shower and bath surround) but can be left off for a simple feature wall in the bathroom.
  2. Even if people are giving you funny looks – if you absolutely love it – use it!
  3. Trends are more of a guideline. Take the suggestion and make the look your own.
  4. Flowers or plants add life to any look in the bathroom.

5.      If you are tight for space – white tiles can make a big difference and change how big the room feels.

6.      A good tip for white tiles: mix the tile grout with bonding liquid as it won’t stain (remember to clean the grout spaces first).

7.      If you’re planning to renovate an entire house over a longer period – start with a particular theme and mood-board/collage. You can keep this for the whole renovation and it will help you keep on track when you tackle each room. It’s easy to come to a different space and get carried away with different ideas that make the house a bit disjointed. This is a good way to keep a cohesive feel – even with each rooms’ differences (saving money on later changes).

8.      Always select your coloured bathroom accessories and floor tiles together to avoid clashes.

9.      Design can make anything beautiful and stand out regardless of where it is.

10.   Don’t be afraid to cut tiles into smaller pieces and patterns and mix with a different colour grout (yes grouts come in different colours – even glitter!) Experiments make magic happen.

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