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Sep 3, 2018

Bathroom Butler: What do bathrooms, Nina Simone, Michael Bublé & the Late Avicii Have in Common

The legendary track boasts a chorus that goes…. It’s a new dawn, It’s a new day and a new life for me and I’m feeling good. Your bathroom can and should ‘Feel Good’ too.

Bathrooms have traditionally been associated with cold, lifeless materials that exacerbate a space that’s already not given credit as a ‘warm’ part of the home. This coupled with the lack of risks people take when decorating a bathroom or simply choosing not to make a focus area of the home kind of results in the bathroom being the ‘house orphan’ which is why LIQUIDRed has shared a few ideas.

We chatted to HEID Interior Design about how to include the bathroom as part of the bigger design picture and were surprised at one of the simpler answers – ‘add texture!’ “To stimulate the aesthetic ‘feeling’ of a bathroom, don’t be afraid to experiment and use textures – whether these be on the walls, as part of the décor, on or part of the floors or simple focal features,” says Hannah Lord.

Hannah, who uses mood boards to creatively unpack a design idea, pulls inspiration from all sorts of places – steel graters, feather boas, pearl necklaces, leather etc. “You’ll be amazed at how any products are available and are continuously being developed that challenge the ‘traditional brick and mortar’ materials that can be used as functional décor items like pearl inspired mosaics, glass and steel tiles, leather looking wallpapers and feather lamp shades.”

If you have the opportunity to pair these amazing types of textured materials and styling options with coloured bathroom accessories like the ones available from LIQUIDRed, your bathroom will not only make you feel good – it’ll be ‘Feeling Good’ all on its own.

Andrew Taylor, Managing Director at LIQUIDRed says, ‘Using inspiration from leading local designers is how we pull together our monthly ‘Get The Look’ visuals and we’ve loved challenging convention by pulling together textured looks as opposed to the more traditional bathroom visual boards. Once you start and use a textured surface or design element as foundation for the aesthetic vision for your bathroom – you’ll soon find that searching for the items to bring it to life are easier than you may think.”

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