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Feb 22, 2018

Bathroom Butler: My Renovation Journey

It’s often easy to give others advice about trending home decor and the latest finishes, but when it comes to our own homes, we often take a very personal stance. We may feel guarded about the choice of suppliers we allow into our homes and we may feel vulnerable as we are forced to leave our intimate spaces to the professionals. In my latest renovation project, it was crucial that we choose the right suppliers from the get-go; ones who would undoubtedly deliver quality, style and affordability in one. This is why Bathroom Butler was the obvious choice – a one-stop shop for all our bathroom essentials, making our ensuite transformation that much easier!


We opted for a chic, modern look in beautiful neutral shades that would work with the rest of our contemporary abode. With the help of Bathroom Butler we achieved the classic modern appearance we were hoping for, with contemporary bathroomaccessories and striking yet energy-efficient heated towel rails to take our ensuite to the next level. These superior items were the perfect fit to complete the overall elegant look and feel in our personal bathroom. Bathroom Butler’s range of energy efficient heated towel rails provide hygienically clean and fresh towels and also function as beautiful storage solutions – truly completing the bathroom space as a comfortable retreat. As mentioned, quality was essential during this build. Bathroom Butler’s heated towel rails are manufactured from GRADE 304 Stainless Steel which is the perfect choice of material for the bathroom. The inherent anti-corrosions properties of this material prevent rusting, flaking, chipping, peeling and staining. This gave us added reassurance that our choices would last and remain in prime condition for many years to come. The choice of steel is also non-porous and hygienic, it is easy to clean and it does not collect bacteria or algae. Not to mention that they are easy to install – I even got my hands dirty during this reno to ensure that everything was installed the way we had hoped! And the results speak for themselves! What more could we ask for?

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