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Apr 25, 2017

Bathroom Butler: Make Your Functional Bathroom Fabulous

Just because shoes are a daily necessity, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be free to choose the type of shoe, boot, sandal or slipper to adorn your foot – by the same token, just because a bathroom performs a functional role in the home, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be beautiful and relaxing. Bathroom Butler (manufacturers of gorgeous bathroom accessories, heated towel rails and grab rails) shares five ideas to turn your functional space into a fabulous one.

Keep it natural

Nature is tranquil. Period. Combine organic materials in your bathroom – whether it is from the materials you use or the products you choose to accessorise with. Use wood, recyclable metals like stainless steel, stone or plant products to turn this space into an inspiring retreat. Be innovative

Try using easy to maintain materials and products that offer the same colour palette but different patterns or shapes. This allows the space to become more dynamic and playful yet maintains its style, colour scheme or theme. Be brave

And not like a warrior – we’re talking about using bold, even daring colour, product or accessory choices. Challenge convention – use that shaggy rug, bright yellow or matte black towel rail and don’t be afraid to use juxtaposing colours, textures and patterns.  

Find your green fingers

Wall gardens are incredibly popular and very much on trend. The climate offered in a bathroom environment is perfect for most plants to flourish. Select plants that require a moist environment or choose a variation of succulents to bring outside, inside. Choose quality

Like we’ve mentioned, the functionality of the bathroom also means that it is one of THE most used spaces in a home and with this comes harsh climatic changes that can affect the choices you make in this functional space. Be sure to use quality products made from robust materials that offer a guarantee or are specifically designed for use within a bathroom environment. Contact: Bathroom Butler

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