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May 9, 2019

Bathroom Butler: How To Incorporate Tech In The Bathroom

In the latest Expert Outlook 2019, this year is all about finding balance and placing value on experiences. As the buzz word ‘smart home’ becomes more familiar to those that don’t speak in motherboard acronyms, we look at how the bathroom space can be one of the most highly sophisticated tech areas in the home with these top technology trends.

Smart Mirrors

Artificial Intelligence and big data will be the catalyst to this movement as we see the beauty industry take smart mirrors to another level with the development of tech products that will recommend beauty products based on individual needs. Preparing for your day is no longer simply about brushing your teeth and applying your makeup – it’ll be about optimising your time as you view your calendar, plan your route or catch up on the daily news like Seura’s smart mirror.

Heated Towel Rails


Bathroom Butler, leaders in stainless steel bathroom accessories, has developed aheated towel rail (HTR) that can not only be controlled via an app with their  Smart Solution*which is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, but also uses Dry Element Technology (DET) and RAPID Heating to effectively and efficiently heat the towel rails as opposed to the old-school fluid-based technology.

Despite these technologies constantly evolving, consumers are investigating their environmental impact and that of the product itself; a consideration Bathroom Butler made back in 2006 during development stage hence the energy saving PTSelect, TDC Timer* and  Complete Smart Solution* product features. Who would’ve thought a gorgeous space-saving, storage solution could be so clever?

*Smart features only available at selected geographical regions unless otherwise specified

Touchless bathrooms

In our dream world, every public toilet in the world would be powered by sensors and they’re becoming even more popular in the home environment. Almost every bathroom activity can be automated by motion sensors. The most common example is taps in public toilets that have been installed to help conserve water but ‘no-touch’ tech doesn’t stop there.

iTouchless, based in the USA has taken the concept ‘Touchless’ to a new level with their portfolio of products that operate off motion sensors including toilet seats, taps, bins and soap dispensers.

Light up your day

Hue – the persona Philips has given to its smart lighting range, promises to make home sweet home even sweeter. The Philips Hue uses colour to transform a space – whether this be at the start of your day to mimic early morning daylight or light to help you concentrate and offers smart solutions for all areas of the home, both indoors and out – all of which can be turned off with one tap.

Saving the planet

As the demand for sustainable products grows, bathrooms have very definitely been at the front of the eco-friendly product charge. Cramer, a family owned enterprise based in Germany, develops and manufactures specialised, bespoke cleaning products specifically for bathroom use that span bath repair kits, unique tap cleaners and specialised polishing compounds which are eco-friendly using responsibly sourced raw materials.

From bamboo toothbrushes, silk dental floss, hemp shower curtains to washable cotton pads – not to mention reusable feminine hygiene, these are products that are sustainably sound and are helping save our beautiful planet.


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