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Feb 14, 2019

Bathroom Butler Honours The True Story of Saint Valentine

In the month of love, Bathroom Butler offer some different ideas to celebrate the day of St Valentine.

As we’re sure you know, Valentine’s Day hasn’t always been about over-priced carnations and mass-produced teddy bears. Although, according to Wikipedia, Saint Valentine’s Day or Feast of Saint Valentine is celebrated in Western culture as the commercialised day of love we’ve known it to be, its origin is far more humble and honourable. Back in the day, many Christian martyrs were named Valentine or Valentinus, however the 14th February celebrates Saint Valentine of Rome who was imprisoned, and later executed for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry under the Roman Empire.

For these mood boards, we took inspiration from the origin of Valentines and the customs associated with this legendary era.


Romantic Roman Baroque

The baroque era has been synonymous with opulence and romantic style interior design. We used the Brushed Bronze range as the central theme to this look and accessorised with ornate, roman(tic) styled finishes to honour Saint Valentine’s place of birth. Back in the old days, an expression of a woman’s love was to give her knight a piece of lace to carry with him as he went to war and he left her with his handkerchief as an expression of his love and commitment. We’ve used heart shapes in the form of stamps to use as inspiration for fabrics or décor pieces and the 10-year old pressed orchid from the mood board creator’s wedding bouquet.



Ceremoniously Simple

What would the month of love be without an expression of wedding bliss…which is exactly what this mood board was inspired by. We’ve used only whites with this mood board which we’ve accented with the Polished Stainless Steel to give the illusion of the metals (in her case, hopefully filled with a gorgeous stone of sorts…) generally associated with this special day. We’ve used a variation of white and glass tiles which we’ve complemented with this gorgeous, romantic arabesque turkey mosaic tile. We’ve used white lace, and delicious white chocolate as the soft finishes for this board.



 Gorgeous Grey

The colour grey is described as the neutral or dull option on the colour wheel – but pulled together with these Brushed Stainless Steel accessories, textured tiles, striking dado options and gorgeous shaped mosaics, you can’t help but fall head over heels in love with this look. Star Anise has been included as the aphrodisiac of this board which may motivate some ingredient ideas for dinner this month.




Rose Gold Romance

Just the colour rose gold conjures the feeling of love which is rather fitting considering that the colours that make up rose gold are associated with passion, fun and enthusiasm (red, orange and yellow). We’ve used pink and terracotta as the colour palette on this board and found a stunning mosaic that works beautifully as the backdrop to Bathroom Butler’s Rose Gold accessories. The reason why succulents have proven so popular at weddings is, aside from their water-saving and indigenous properties, they also represent enduring and timeless love. The cinnamon sticks offer some hints for the scents you may consider using in the bathroom during February as it signifies stability and soothing warmth – both of which are rather appropriate for the month.



Dramatic Black

To find ways to make the colour black romantic has become surprisingly effortless. The colour itself means elegance, sophistication and is a colour required for all other colours to have depth and a dramatic variation in hue. With this mood board, we’ve made the textures (in a month of love – how appropriate) the hero. Using Matt Black bathroom accessories, we’ve paired wood, concrete and brick to bring this look to life. The dark chocolate and clove spice are used as the aromatic culinary influence on this board due to its imaginative properties and simply because we love the word : (C)LOVE.


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