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Sep 27, 2018

Bathroom Butler: Drawing Inspiration From Visual Stimulation

Bathroom Butler, leading manufacturers of Heated Towel Rails and bathroom accessories, has released their latest mood boards in association with Hannah Lord from HEID Interior Design.

HEID Interior Design created a look for each of Bathroom Butler’s bespoke colour finishes. We spoke to them about their creative approach to these exquisite mood boards.

Modern Male

To incorporate this strong, bold & masculine look into your bathroom, Hannah and her team drew inspiration from an old-school typewriter and used the gold, black and white colours as a starting point for their inspiration. They then continued with a rustic, vintage feel of the typewriter by using timber elements. They suggest homeowners opt for raw elements such as raw bamboo and bring in patterns like this chevron design with wall papers or paint techniques. Soften the look by adding an aloe plant to tie in some freshness while still complementing the environment of the bathroom. Add Bathroom Butler matt black bathroom accessories to bring this look together.

Bold Feminist

This look will give your bathroom a very sophisticated appeal which should make the ladies feel like they’re on top of the world. Hannah urges aspiring decorators to not be afraid of adding rich colours such as dark brown which will add to the opulence of your bathroom. To give your look a unique touch, this look has been ‘accessorised’ with an interesting wallpaper as well as gorgeous rose gold accessories.

Mother Nature

The Bathroom Butler brushed collection has been paired with an organic, natural look. The inspiration came from truly natural elements like the apple, starfish and green plumage which Hannah has paired with organic material like brushed stainless steel and smooth, shaded marble tile. Natural light plays a very important role for this style.

The Bold and Beautiful (Hannah’s favourited look)

Hannah’s inspiration for this look came from a protea – a proudly South African flower that offers an incredibly rich colour palette, fish scale patterns that are evident in the petal structure, and a contrasting woody look and feel of the stem. The protea flower uses strong golds and purples and in contrast to these colours, she suggests introducing softer elements like a bath towel or mat in more neutral colours, or, like she has done with this look, a smooth, marble tile that juxtaposes the robustness of the protea and the stunning bronze accessories. In addition, and as a possible accessory option, she has included a pebble mosaic tile indicative of natural stone that would surround the protea in the wild.

Coastal Holiday Home

This look takes your bathroom on a journey to the ocean. HEID Interior Design have used a ‘sea and sand’ colour palette and paired this with textured subway tiles (very on trend by the way), handmade accessories and cement coloured floors with a beige hue to give the illusion of beach sand. Tie in a black or white element with a mosaic tile finish which is a fun and interesting way to bring your whole look together which they’ve done here with Bathroom Butler’s polished stainless steel collection.

To learn more about Bathroom Butler visit the Website,  Facebook or Instagram for more information.

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