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Oct 17, 2017

Bathroom Butler asks: ‘How Hygienic is your Bathroom Really?’

Bathroom Butler, manufacturers of gorgeous stainless steel bathroom accessories, heated towel rails and grab rails, recently conducted research surrounding the hygienic, health-related implications of wet towels in the bathroom. It was discovered that Bathroom Butler’s heated towel rails are no longer the luxury item they’re often known as, but rather a necessity in keeping the family safe from harmful bacterial microorganisms associated with damp or wet towels.

Bathroom Butler commissioned researcher and author, Leigh-Ann Hasselbach from Navigator Chemicals to conduct a comprehensive study to identify microbial bacterial load on damp towels before and after drying on Bathroom Butler heated towel rails. Based on Leigh-Ann’s findings, using the heated towel rails Natural Collection (5 Bar and 7 Bar) reduced the microbial load by up to 1000 cfu/g over a 12, 24, 5 day and 2 week period.

This is great news for families seeking new ways to improve the hygiene of their homes. The bacterial load was tested at 24 hours after using the towels and leaving them to dry either at room temperature or on a 60ºC heated towel rail. The results concluded that the heated towel control shows a lower bacterial count compared to the unused control towel and the normal air dried towel.

The heated towel control is an unused towel on the rail to rule out normal airborne bacterial growth. “In conclusion, the total percentage clean rate given to Bathroom Butler’s heated towel rail over the testing period is 75% and this reaches almost 90% by day 14 and day 15, where the normal air dried towel total plate count was greater than 1000 cfu/g, compared to the bacterial count on the towels placed on the heated towel rail, which was less than 1 cfu/g,” said author and researcher Leigh-Ann Hasselbach from Navigator Chemicals.

The vision for manufacturing heated towel rails at Bathroom Butler was to not only add an aesthetic appeal to a bathroom but to carefully manufacture a product that can be beneficial to a family’s health and hygiene. “With the research that was conducted by Leigh-Ann and her team at Navigator Chemicals, the chances of microbial load forming on a damp towel are significantly reduced when placing towels on Bathroom Butler heated towel rails,” says Bathroom Butler CEO, Andrew Taylor.

From these results, it becomes evident that the longer the towels are used after a hot bath or shower and dried on the Bathroom Butler Heated Towel Rails, the more effective the heated towel rails are in reducing the microbial bacterial load. For the month of October, you can purchase the Natural 5-Bar Heated Towel Rail from Bathroom Butler on promotion at only R3060 (saving you R1312). Only available through select stores until the end of October 2017.

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